It’s back…..

Just as we thought of Spring flowers and easter eggs….the snow is back with a vengeance to the west of Scotland. Who has thoughts of Global Warming now!

Maybe we should put the clocks back again!

6 thoughts on “It’s back…..

  1. Thank goodness it hasn’t lain, because of the wet ground…but it means I’m glad I didn’t put out anything very tender in the garden!

  2. Our lights have been flickering all evening ’cause of the wind as well.

    (I’ve put some candles on the windowsill and have a torch next to me in case of power outage. >.>; Why, yes, I am crazily prepared…)

  3. Flighty…..maybe that’s why you are into Farmville so much!

    Fiuona…..I had a e-mail problem with my server yesterday afternoon….maybe a power failure!….actually the Campsie Fells look lovely this morning!…always look on the bright side!

  4. our weather was beautiful for a few weeks and then bam! it’s back to being on the chilly side. after days in the 70s and 80s, it’s going to be in the 50s this weekend. bummer. just in time for the baseball game i’m going to. 😦

    ps. i’ve missed you and your blog. hope all is well.

  5. Our weather just now seems to change by the hour, and now we have a cloud of volcanic ash to deal with in the west of Scotland!…..what next?….maybe Flighty would like some for his plot!

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