Get out your English Grammar Book!

Sign seen on an over-head gantry, while driving along a motorway recently…..’full cars, less queues’ !!!  I wonder what foreign visitors must think as they see the glaring mistake.

What’s next?………text-speak?

Surely there must be people out there who can be employed to write properly!

What annoys you about the abuse of our wonderful language?

I’ve been having a rant!


Our son, and one of our friends, seem to compete as to who is the more verbose ranter. Start either of them off on some subject close to their heart, and only a yawn or a mechanised nod or shake of the head will be possible as your contribution to the discussion!

The subject can be about politics, the media, religious beliefs, education; in fact the subject doesn’t really matter! Give them a chance and off they go on a verbal rampage on any nearby ears! It is only when a burst of laughter permeates the air from one of the listeners, that the spell can be broken.

So why am I blogging about this?…..I don’t normally rant unless I find idiocy around, mainly in our political leaders!

I started on a letter to our local newspaper recently, about the dramatic upset to local businesses (including ours) because of continuous disruption to traffic flow in our area. They are in the middle of the construction of a link road to a motorway, and I have pointed-out  many times that this will drain local potential cutomers to the large shopping malls.

The letter got longer and longer and eventually covered two closely-typed A4 sheets. The editor was delighted when I sent it, and they did an editorial piece based on it.

I lambasted the local politicians and executive who are prepared to give us the pain, but without any foreseeable gain, with their senseless wasting of money on worthless, inconvenient or over-priced  projects. I await to hear if there are any replies, either personally or via the Letters Page.

It doesn’t really make any great difference to the present state of affairs, as the money has largely been spent, but perhaps it might make them sit-up and think a little more before they rubber-stamp the spending of hard-earned money…which is ours, after all!

So, I have succumbed to being a ranter……….what do you rant about?

It should be called something else…………

nokia 6303

My old mobile phone has served me well for many years, but with the advent of a new car (with Bluetooth) being delivered in the next few days,  I was persuaded that perhaps I should move to the next technology step, so I now have a nice new shiny Nokia (not-just-a) phone.

Being a man, I of course immediately took it out of the box, and after charging it up, I started looking at the controls and pressing buttons. However this turned-out not just to be a simple phone, as it had about 2 million functions and combinations of what I could do with it!

It was therefore imperative that I study the supplied Instruction Manual. So I spent all yesterday evening wading through some 48 pages of small type giving me lots of sugestions as to how it would carry-out the multitude of functions I absolutely MUST use.

I have managed to exclude all the irrelevant buttons and get down to half-a-dozen operations I actually need. My next problem comes when the car is delivered, and I have to connect to the Bluetooth. Hopefully one of our offspring will be able to guide me through the minefield!

But why does someone not come out with a very, very, very, simple unit, which is just a phone?

Just a simple phone call…..some hope!!

At one time, if you had a phone, it was in the hallway. Then, a cold hall was not attractive, and an extension went into the living room; then one in the bedroom ….so a phone was always within a few seconds’ walk. Sometimes we might be out and miss important phone calls….so we got a recording machine to go with it. Some of us actually had a fax machine!

If that was  not good enough, the cordless phone came on the scene for those who did not want to even get up out of the armchair!

Next step was to have an internet connection, then e-mails, so we could write to each other, then a web-cam, to see each other as we spoke, then broadband, so that we could down-load ‘stuff’ even faster, see every detail on the web-cams, and play faster games.

I have handled all of these things so far, albeit slower than a primary-school pupil, but then a few weeks ago, I got a phone call (yes, a real voice, with a non-local accent) telling me that my broadband rental charge is being reduced by £3 per month!

‘Thank you’, I said, and was about to hang up when I was asked if I wished to subscribe to this facility. ‘Yes, thank you’ I said, and was about to hang up, when I was asked about delivery of the new equipment! ‘I don’t need any new equipment’, I said, and was about to hang up, when I was informed that I would benefit further by being able to make free calls at the weekend and the evening.

I heard nothing for some time, then got two e-mails from BT that the facility was now activated, and did I have any trouble installing the router. ‘I don’t have a new router, but a quite efficient old one’, I said and was about to hang up when I was told that one would be sent free of charge!

It eventually has arrived and lain for some time un-used, as weekends and evenings are when we want to escape from phone calls! I have now got it out and have been wading through the phone numbers, passwords and account numbers I am required to know instantly, when I need to phone the premium line for technical help!

Mobile phone-users have not escaped this increasing complexity of life, as the Young Lady of the house, and I, must be the only local folk who do not have a camera on their phone!

Please, Mr BT, and like-minded technical folk…..just let us get on with what we have, before I go bonkers and need to phone for an appointment to deal with my technical stress…. If I could just find the correct phone, number, password, NHI number,…birthdate, collar size, shoe size, car reg number………..

Aw heck, I think I’ll just write a letter (if I can remember which dates the posties are not on strike!)