The Love/Hate Relationship

There can’t be many people in this country who have not seen the snow and joined in conversations with friends, colleagues and family about about the affects it has had on our daily lives.

When we come to think about it, civilisation is still at the mercy of the elements, either from flood, hurricane, drought, snow…and the latest manifestation is no different…..

……but the difference is that with snow, most of us can see good in it…children love sledging, and no school for the day…..working people may or may not relish having a day off work, and grandparents like being with the grandchildren and building snowmen…. (actually I saw a snow-woman today, and it was quite evident that it was a lady!)……

….so, despite all the trouble and inconvenience it causes,  it’s nice for once to revel in a bit of fun….. especially now that we are semi-retired we don’t HAVE to go out in it!