I remember it well……maybe!

A few days ago, my Good Lady, and I had a lazy day out. We didn’t do very much, sat about, drank a lot of coffee, Kath had a chance to catch up with reading the Glasgow Herald, and we ate gorgeous sandwiches, chatted with a number of lovely people, had a lot of mental stimulation, discussed things with knowledgeable professionals, and came away with smiles on our faces.

And where did this occur? In a modern building in the Todd Campus on the northern leafy outskirts of Glasgow. And why were we there? We were meeting yet again with medics and medical staff who work within the Glasgow Memory Clinic.

My memory during most of my life has always caused me some problems in studying, which means that I could rarely simply memorise lists of numbers or formulae, which precluded chemistry being of great interest. Luckily physics provided the opportunity to study and understand something which I loved and could imagine.

When we had our professional practice, I could remember well the medical details of each of our clients, but found it difficult remembering names ,and sometimes, faces. Luckily, however it did not influence how well we were able to work with them.

Anyway, on into retirement, and Kath felt that we should investigate the future as my mother had dementia of some form and began to behave irrationally in the last years of her life…. distressing to see……

Following failure to be accepted into a project in 2014, a new long-term project was notified to me, last year, and this needed to know whether I might have inherited an increased risk of developing Altzheimers over the general population…..and we ALL have a statistical risk of developing some form of dementia.

Much discussion took place, and psychological advice given to both of us about the affect of having a DNA test, and being informed of the result. However we both decided that we had to know! The tests were carried out and the genes revealed that I have one gene which has been shown to be associated with dementia.

So I am now part of an 8 year project where all those involved are treated with either a placebo, a low drug dose, or an ‘expected-level’ drug, which has been approved for such investigation. We will all be constantly monitored and results drawn from the investigations.

Do I know what medication I am taking…..no, and neither do my doctors, or nurses who are dealing with it all. But this is my contribution to the society which has protected me and my family for all these years.

So, I am enjoying being looked-after, and was told today, that I am operating at a high level of cognative function, doing very well in all physical medical, and psychological tests thrown at me. That is why we had smiles on our faces!!!