Paul What-a-man!

So Paul Newman has passed-on at the marvellous age of 83.

Isn’t it nice to hear about a star, who did not think of himself as one, who did not ‘do the rounds’ of all the red-carpet venues, who was married for over forty years to the love of his life, and who thought of film-making as a job, not an opportunity to become famous.

He spent the last number of years developing a food brand bearing his name, but whose intention was to raise money for charity! I never bought any of the products but will now! I remember seeing him in ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ where he portrayed someone who seemed to enjoy his situation in life, and that maybe was a simile for his actual life.

May he rest in peace.

Dona eis Requiem

This Friday is celebrated as All Souls, when we remember those of our loved ones who have died. We shall be at St Mary’s Cathedral with other members with peace and quiet in which to contemplate life and death. There is no doubt, that at some time in the future, soon or late, we shall join those being remembered.

So why do we pray for them, and not just give them the occasional thought? Do we wish to keep their memory alive and so keep them eternal, at least in our minds? Do we hope to intercede on their behalf, and so make their time in the hereafter more comfortable? Do we wonder what is happening to them?

While silence will be a large part of the time, the choir will be performing one of the most evocative pieces of music, with which I have ever been associated, ‘Requiem’, by Gabriel Faure. There has been a debate about whether he wrote it as a response to his father’s death, but whether or not, we know that his parents both died at that time, so one can then begin to understand the dramatic effect which it has on the human psyche.