Not as clever as he thought!

carpet fitter

We are moving into the last phase (I hope!) of extensive work in the house. ‘Not before time!’ exclaims the Lady of the House!

Last night we lifted the carpet and underlay in the living room, and hopefully today the carpet man will phone to say he is on his way to put down the new carpet.

However back to last night….sitting on the bare floorboards was a visiting card from the last carpet installer, proclaiming his expertise and obviously hoping for more work.

Did no-one tell him that one normally goes to the carpet-supplier, gets the room measured, agrees the design and price, arranges the installation date……..and only then is the old carpet lifted! So by the time  we find his card, all is organised! Unfortunately his marketing strategy can’t really succeed!

Do you know of any such ‘might have been’ marketing failures?



Have been out of the blogging habit over the recent past few weeks (but still reading every-one else’s) because we are having work done in our house….verrrrrry,  slowwwwly….

We have been here 30 years and the downstair’s bathroon (used only by visitors) and the radiator system throughout all the house, were all in need of some re-furbishment.

It started out on the 5th of May when the two lads came to dismantle our downstairs bathroom, and fit complete new units, tiles, shower system etc…’We’ll be finished this bit in a week!’ they said.  NO WAY!….. problems with a leaking loo, disagreement on position of  switches, and fitting us in between other jobs (we felt like a piece in a rather large jigsaw!) etc took us well into two weeks. Luckily we had the upstair’s bathroom! Mostly then all sorted-out except for some snagging.

Then some 10 days gap whilst one was on holiday with his family and we could get some peace from the dust, noise and general disruption to our lives. Then back to the radiators being ripped out. That meant that carpets and flooring had to be lifted, and brackets taken off walls, causing destruction (and ultimate need for lots of replacement or refurbishment) in many cases.

They went off yesterday, leaving a trail of little things we wish they had done differently, jobs for us to finish off, temporary flooring, a big hole in our bank balance etc. We now have the task of choosing wood and carpet flooring for quite a bit of the house and decorating throughout! That will keep us going for a few days lol!

So is it all worthwhile? I suppose the charity shops will be happy as we passed-on stuff which had been in our cupboards, on shelves, and in the loft, for many years. The childreen have been handed back stuff we have stored for decades. The economy will be bound to improve as we re-assemble the things which we MUST have, but the land-fill site managers must be wondering what else is coming!

Now, back to the keyboard, before the Lady of the House starts working out a plan for the next project! It is her birthday today so going out for a meal to the Birds and the Bees Restaurant (click on the Search button for a report on our last meal there), so we can get the glad rags on and pretend all this work doesn’t really lie ahead!

Why is life so busy?

Keeping a diary provides the means of recording both day-to-day mundane, and important,  events on an on-going basis, and one has only to look at many blogs to see the ‘busyness’ which we all have. Yesterday was one of those days when the sun shines and a tremendous number of little jobs need to be, and are done….

  • prepare blogs and comments
  • send e-mails about choir
  • rehang spare room curtains
  • dismantle and clean double-glazed dormer window
  • touch up paintwork in one of spare rooms
  • weed the front garden
  • cut back lawn
  • re-pot lavatera plant
  • cleanup patio
  • trim wall rose
  • remove old lilac tree (or as much as was possible)
  • re-coat garden furniture with eco-friendly varnish
  • tidy-up some daffodil heads
  • re-adjust pots on patio to bring the more colourful ones closer
  • trim away some of Leylandii hedge
  • have well-deserved beer with Young Lady
  • out for meal in evening (had to return to restaurant to collect forgotten jacket!)

…………….and many others, too many to mention.

…………….and this does not include all the hundreds of little jobs which Young Lady of the House did!

We were sitting briefly out at the back watching little ants running hither and thither somewhat aimlesly, but perhaps with their own version of a busy day. Some were carrying small leaves, but most were not doing anything apparently notable. I wonder when they got back to their nests did they have a communal moan about the jobs they did and still have to do?

Our morning and afternoon were probably the warmest this year, and unfortunately the clouds built-up and thunder and lightening were followed by a brief torrent of rain. One of our neighbours had been hosing the garden in the morning but must have felt a bit silly when the downpour came!


To paint or to plant?

…..that is the question!

Today in the west of Scotland we have had a beautiful day….slightly windy but sunny. I know the garden needs worked-on, but what did I do…..? Instead of being out in the fresh air, I decided that the inside window-ledges needed varnishing….but you can’t  just do that….mastic had to be removed, water-marks cleaned, the accumulated dust from winter winds to be removed from the windowframes, and then all washed.

Luckily I had started on the smallest spare room, but even then preparation work had to be done, spare varnish removed and then all the frames washed. Whilst that was drying off, I thought I would clear out a built-in wardrobe and paint inside. So you can imagine by the time I had been to B & Q and got the work in hand, and eventually getting tea, I was slightly ‘knack…..d’.

The room is a mess, but first coat has now dried in the cupboard and killing the rather strong green (!!!)paint which was on before……so starting to get somewhere, but I am now on the treadmill… and the Young Lady of the House is constantly being told to put new jobs ‘on the list’. So if i am not blogging between now and the beginning of the year….you will know the number of jobs on the ‘list’ has never declined!

Anyway…it has been a gorgeous day….sun going down now but still bright…..and the garden will just have to wait!!….sorry Flighty!…..also Daffy, I imagine the Angel looks well today, if the weather is good.