It’s only a week….!

Daughter and Young Lady of the House are off this weekend, for a week in the sunny north of Majorca leaving me to look after myself…..I say ‘look after myself’ advisedly and the house and larder have been prepared for this break, by tidying-up and stocking-up respectively. Along with this, numerous pieces of advice (nay, instruction!) have been given, to make my very survival possible.

Young Lady is an excellent planner, and tremendously-well organised, so that no shirt is un-ironed, no surface un-scrubbed, and no phone-call un-made, before they set-off. Ergo, I will still be alive and ready to receive her back into the bosom of the household on her return. 

Daughter is similarly gifted and no-doubt her dwelling will be as clean as a new pin, and not a single dirty item of clothing will dare to be in the wrong place!

I will muddle by, consuming some of the pre-planned food in the fridge and freezer, but no doubt, along with Son, sampling some of the local ethnic food, with little thought for any calorific intake. In other words I will be enjoying myself in my own way…..the only difference being that I will have to get up in the morning and get to the office (possibly bleary-eyed, and woozy after too much rice or pasta), and still appear to be very professional and totally in control of my life. 

I hope they have a nice time, but it really will be good to see them back, and hopefully I shall not get too much hassle, if anything is out of place, or some food un-eaten!

We had a great evening!

Despite the cynical views of barbecues I gave on last blog, we had a lovely time last weekend when the choir got together for an end of season get-together.

The evening was not exactly balmy, but pleasantly mild; the cooking was, as one might expect, superb (from your’s truly); the preparation, presentation and consumption of food and liquid went as planned; the conversation flowed well with no-one left in a corner; the midges had gone away for their holidays; and the evening finished with a good old ‘sing-song’ round the piano (as you would xpect from a choir).

So when are we going to do it again, before the winter sets-in!

Let’s have a barbecue!

Not a phrase often spoken by a woman.

No, it’s the male of the species who is happy to dress-up in an apron with a variety of metal offensive weapons, prepare lumps of raw animal flesh, place them on exceedingly un-hygenic metal spars, put up with a smoky atmosphere, bursts of spitting fat followed by shoulder-high flames, and the aforementioned flesh ending up as solid lumps of carbon. These will then be carried in triumph to a table of nice food, prepared by the female of the species, and plonked in the middle….totally spoiling the lovely colourful effect of vegetables, salad, dips, crisps, rice etc.

Everyone will then be encouraged to devour the blackened lumps and comment to the ‘cook’ (LOL), how wonderful it all is! The consumption of copious amounts of drinks will get rid of the taste, and allow the bright red centre to be consumed before the e-coli can take effect.

The deepening evening will be followed by the increasing number of midges (substitute your own flying pests here), and swiftly the lawn or patio will be cleared, as everyone heads indoors leaving a filthy barbecue, with congealing grease, and half-empty glasses sprinkled about the garden…all to be cleared-up the following morning.

And why do we do it? Must be something to do with the animal instinct ot the caveman genes passed down to us. Anyway, we are going along with this ritual on Saturday night, when the choir members will be coming along for an end-of-season get-together.

The gazebo is up, in case it rains,……so if all the above  things happen, I will not blog about it. If, however, the rain stays away, food is prepared and presented to perfection, the midges and e-coli do not appear, and we have a perfect sunset, I will try to get some photos.

‘I’m not really hungry, thanks’.

Wouldn’t it be nice if some of the world’s most powerful leaders, meeting to discuss world starvation and the rapid decrease in living standards, took it upon themselves to utter the words of the header here, so that they might not be seen to be what they really are…greedy, self-indulgent, hypocritical, ego-centric individuals.

While the starving faces look out from the TV screen and newspapers, how can we allow those we elect behave in such a manner. I can appreciate that the hosts wanted to show-off their culinary skills and would not want to be seen as stingy….nevertheless……would it not have been at least a gesture to have simple food…..and why not use tele-conferencing or the equivalent in this day of world-wide communication, and save the tremendous waste of fuel, inconvenience, financial expense, management time etc, instead of travelling half-way round the world for a few days of eating and chattering, with the hope of coming-up with a cobbled-together statement of platitudes, and proposals…..meanwhile the starvation goes on!

Never mind…there will soon be another trough into which the politicians can get their snouts!

A century of blogging…gosh!

Checking up on my Dashboard recently, I noticed that WordPress had been keeping a tab on my ramblings. Nothing suspicious or worrying, I hasten to add, ……just that a certain important number was about to appear…..

What do you say in your hundreth blog? Surely it has to be something important, or startling, or interesting, or memorable, or intriguing, or revolutionary, or humorous, or deeply philosophical, or retrospective, or forward-looking, or stimulating, or argumentative…..and yet, is the subject-matter all that important, in the Grand Scheme of Things?

As a relative new-comer to this media, I have found it interesting that so many people from diverse areas of the world, different ages and backgrounds, with different interests and lifestyles, can stop and make even a passing comment on my life-notes, and I have the opportunity to have a little peep into the life of others. I suppose it bonds us all together in the human race….and for that i am very thankful.

One query still haunts me (well, not exactly haunts!), what do you call a group of bloggers..would it be a ‘blether of bloggers’?….any ideas?

It’s tennis..for goodness sake!

As an adopted Scot I am pleased to see that a fellow countryman is doing well at Wimbleton….and yet…all this stupid self-directed aggression and grimacing seems so alien. If the photographs in the newspapers were not titled, and we saw the aggression and expressions in another arena we might think he was part of a mob! What kind of image is he projecting to young people today?

It certainly is not one of gentlemanly behaviour to another competitor. Maybe I’ve missed something but I understood that tennis and many other games are entertainment, and not just a way of earning large amounts of money, or earning glory.

Get your act together, Andy! You have a right to win if you can prove you are better than your opponent, but you also have an opportunity (nay, a duty) to keep it all in context. People will eventually  tire of your shouting and aggression. Children should be learning to treat success and failure as not dissimiliar…failure teaches us to accept that we all have limitations but can improve, whilst success should tell us that it is transitory, and very few leading sportsmen and women don’t eventually lose and go downhill. If one treats success in such an aggressive manner, what will you do when you start losing on a regular basis?

Keep on winning, but lighten-up!