Another death…..

A death has been reported…..not Michael Jackson….but a young child only a few months old, brutally killed by a 15 year old baby sitter… and yet the position within the order of news is perhaps some indication of how little we (or the media) feel about such an event. Or is it because we are so used to hearing it, just like the stabbings of young men in London.?

Jackson made a lot of money, and achieved a lot of power in his life. How he decided to use this was up to him. On the other hand, the little child never stood a chance in his brief existence.

I don’t know how we bring back a sense of revulsion about such murders and find a way to prevent them, but perhaps we have to re-assess how we value life.

The death of a celebrity may or may not prove important in the long-run, but if we continue to accept murder of innocent children with no effective way to deal with the perpetrators, then our civilisation is doomed.

Up, up, and away….almost!

 mongolfier balloon

Today was supposed to see Daughter (birthday present) and Lady of the House on a hot-air-balloon trip from Falkland Palace in Fife. We had a pleasant drive over to this beautiful countryside and had a meal with old friends. However the flight was was diverted at the last moment to Perth, and so we had a mad dash to be there…..only to arrive and discover that the flight had been cancelled because the wind was 10 miles/hour!

The limit is 8 miles/hour, so a 150 miles round-trip and meal costs have been wasted. I wonder if the Mongolfier Brothers were held up because of a difference of 2 miles/hour, or are we seeing the safety culture going to silly levels. Surely part of the thrill of such a flight is the adrenaline rush!

If you are considering getting involved in such an event be prepared for a disappointment.

………….Let’s hope a re-booked flight is not called-off.


grass with daisies

I usually like my lawn neatly cut, as it contrasts well with my ‘wilderness’ borders. However a couple of weeks ago I loaned my lawn-mower to Son, for his extremely-large grass area, and so my lawn went uncut! 

Good sun with the occasional light shower provided perfect growing conditions. I was intrigued by the number of daisies, buttercups and various grasses which appeared rapidly…..they were actually quite pretty. There was a total difference between the morning scene when the blooms were all shut, and it all looked a bit dull….but when the sun appeared, suddenly they all turned towards it and opened up to provide flashes of white and yellow….a glorious sight. It took us back to visits to Austria, where great swathes of countryside were left to produce wonderful areas of natural habitat.

So maybe, just occasionally, you should leave things to nature!

Another Good Man Gone!

We’ve just lost a good friend to a brain tumour. He was only about 52, and we got to know him when he came to join my choir. He showed an immense talent for music composition, keyboard skills and a wonderful sense of humour through even the dark days. He also came over as very thoughtful, caring and non-complaining.

He had looked forward to going to Ballachulish, Argyll in March to join in Evensong. His health had badly deteriorated, and we were very unsure about whether it was wise for him to go. If anything had happened while up there, the distance to a suitable hospital would have proved catastrophic, and we might have carried this in our mind for many a long year.

My final opinion was sought, and I had to say YES, as I could never have forgiven myself if I has said NO. In the event, two members very kindly looked after him over the weekend and he thoroughly enjoyed it. It was his last major event outside his hospital and hospice.

So, ‘CARPE DIEM’…..never let an opportunity of any kind go by….you may never get the chance again!



Have been out of the blogging habit over the recent past few weeks (but still reading every-one else’s) because we are having work done in our house….verrrrrry,  slowwwwly….

We have been here 30 years and the downstair’s bathroon (used only by visitors) and the radiator system throughout all the house, were all in need of some re-furbishment.

It started out on the 5th of May when the two lads came to dismantle our downstairs bathroom, and fit complete new units, tiles, shower system etc…’We’ll be finished this bit in a week!’ they said.  NO WAY!….. problems with a leaking loo, disagreement on position of  switches, and fitting us in between other jobs (we felt like a piece in a rather large jigsaw!) etc took us well into two weeks. Luckily we had the upstair’s bathroom! Mostly then all sorted-out except for some snagging.

Then some 10 days gap whilst one was on holiday with his family and we could get some peace from the dust, noise and general disruption to our lives. Then back to the radiators being ripped out. That meant that carpets and flooring had to be lifted, and brackets taken off walls, causing destruction (and ultimate need for lots of replacement or refurbishment) in many cases.

They went off yesterday, leaving a trail of little things we wish they had done differently, jobs for us to finish off, temporary flooring, a big hole in our bank balance etc. We now have the task of choosing wood and carpet flooring for quite a bit of the house and decorating throughout! That will keep us going for a few days lol!

So is it all worthwhile? I suppose the charity shops will be happy as we passed-on stuff which had been in our cupboards, on shelves, and in the loft, for many years. The childreen have been handed back stuff we have stored for decades. The economy will be bound to improve as we re-assemble the things which we MUST have, but the land-fill site managers must be wondering what else is coming!

Now, back to the keyboard, before the Lady of the House starts working out a plan for the next project! It is her birthday today so going out for a meal to the Birds and the Bees Restaurant (click on the Search button for a report on our last meal there), so we can get the glad rags on and pretend all this work doesn’t really lie ahead!