People power!

Ever wondered about what useful information you can get about friends. Try the reference website . Simply type in a name (even your own) and see what comes up. There is nothing secret involved….everything is in the public domain, but this brings it together.

Disability….and inner strength

For over 30 years my professional life has been involved with those who have a disability.

Most of this time has been exclusively helping those with a hearing impairment, assessing hearing loss and providing hearing aids and other equipment to make their life a little easier.

It started when I realised that my father-in-law was not doing terribly well with his hearing aid, and I hope that I was ultimately able to help.

Much later, the Young Lady of the House had problems with one eye, and still has effected sight. Daughter, who did a lot of walking at her job, then had knee problems, ending with two operations.

We have other friends who have suffered with constant pain for many years.

We can also look at those folk who recently escaped from the sinking cruise ship, the soldiers coming back from war theatres, those who are struggling during their suffering from malnutrition and disease in the Third World. All of those show in varying ways a surprising strength. I would not wish to be involved in any of these situations, to see how I would handle myself.

Now with Son’s continuing problems, I am convinced that the human animal constantly surprises me with how well it can handle discomfort, disability, and physical pain, sometimes with great humour.

Now if we could only bottle this inner strength!!  Maybe you know the answer……

Help me get ORGANised….

I am trying to find a copy of a piece of music for organ which we had at the end of our wedding some  ?????? years ago.

It was a brilliant march called ‘Passpied’ by Felix Borowski (who, despite his name, spent much of his life in England). I understand it is out of print. So if you have or know someone who might have it, please contact me.

Son’s continuing problem….

Son had to give a lot of blood to the medics on Tuesday so that they could carry-out a number of tests to try to establish the cause of the agonising pains in his hands. Unfortunately they will take about two weeks to produce results.

The Nerve Conduction Tests had to be put off when we arrived at the Hospital, which made him rather disappointed (to say the least!). Following an overnight stay at Ross Hall, it was re-scheduled for next day at another Hospital. It proved to be extremely painful to undergo, and seemed to worsen the situation.

Heavier medication has made him very drowsy, and he often gets mixed up with the day and time. To see someone who is normally very active and pushes life to the edge, so deplete of energy, is not pleasant.

When he gets through this, I think that a trip to the dentist will hold no terrors.

Energy crisis, what energy crisis?

I drive a wonderful Honda CRV with 100,000 miles on the clock, and it has never given any real problems. Our winters in Scotland can come suddenly and rather un-expectedly, and with the change in the clocks, and shortening light, I reckoned a few months ago that I should invest in one of these portable batteries, just in case… I did. Thank goodness!

A few days of running about on short journeys, with full lights, radio on , the essential rear window heater, and that inconspicuous little light which stays on when you are unloading stuff, all contributed to a failure to start one morning.

A few moments connecting the portable battery, and crisis over, and I was off!  A marvellous item, well worth the investment….but portable?……it is about the weight of the smaller of the suitcases (mine,obviously!) we take on holiday, so it has a downside. I have been told that I am probably still using the original car battery, so my charger will hopefully pass down to the next generation, when I am past driving.

On the other hand, with the continuing increase in petrol (now over £1 per litre), travel by car may become an un-sustainable item, and the charger be condemned to the same fate as the Sinclair C5 car and the fondeau set.

O, what a happy future we are handing-on!

Hands, Knees and….what next?

Daughter has recently (Thursday) been in for a second operation on her knee, which has been causing pain for some years now, and hopefully, this will resolve the problems of the last job which was botched.

It was in the same hospital as Son has been attending, and we hope that on follow-up visits they don’t get the files mixed-up!

The continuing pain….

For twelve weeks, Son has been suffering terrible nerve pains in hands and arms, and it has now just been given a name (it has only once before been seen by one of the specialists, in his professional career!) ……not that that has helped the reality…the pains are still agonising and debilitating. How he has put up so long with it, I don’t know. He admits that he could not live alone with it….you need the presence of human company.

The Consultants have called for another batch of tests and we await the results and their deliberations……with hopefully a rapid and positive answer to this distressing condition. The newest pain-killers seem to be having some effect.

His, and our, friends have been marvellous, with constant phone calls to pass on their thoughts and best wishes.

The best prescription seems to be football……Aberdeen has been playing quite well recently…..maybe it would be possible to get a couple of tickets on the NHS! Only trouble is that they might lose those matches!