Wii all over the place!


No, I haven’t mis-spelt the title!…….

I like gadgets…in fact, Lady of the House says that when she comes back in a new life, it will be as a TV remote control, mobile phone, computer keyboard, or a camera (digital, still, or movie!). She anticipates she would get more attention than she does now!

We are now pretty much up-to-date with gadgets, and our collection of records, tapes, CDs , videos, DVDs etc can stand proud against most people’s collections…… and probably the i-pod is the main remaining piece of  technology we might just need……………………until recently, that is.

It was then that the Wii problem raised its head.  At Daughter’s and then Son’s, we were initiated into the life of Wii. Little men and women running about playing games and carrying out different forms of exercise were somewhat appealing…especially in this rather unpredictable climate of ours. They’re always under blue skies and have an infinite amount of energy to play tennis, bowling, ski-jumping, golf etc with no sign of exhaustion.

It can be very competitive as you can play against other little people. (I forgot to mention that you can make each ‘person’  look like one of your  family or friends, including yourself, and that ‘person’ becomes ‘them’ and ‘you’ on the screen).  So each time we went to their houses, we competed but were shown-up as un-fit, over-weight, slow-in-response, with poor balance……..hardly a parent-figure to which our children could look up!

So what to do?…..it was obvious we had to get back in trim so ‘Wii fit’ was obtained and set-up for us. We are now hooked and have been spending about 20 mins each in the evenings at various games and training , in a (perhaps, vain) effort to show everyone a thing or two. We are showing signs of speeding-up, and getting better at the various sports……………so watch-out, Son and Daughter and anyone else with a Wii…….we  are serious contenders now….

I wonder if there would be a place for us in the next Olympics?