There is ‘something’ about a snowy scene lit by street lights

Christmas card

The Love/Hate Relationship

There can’t be many people in this country who have not seen the snow and joined in conversations with friends, colleagues and family about about the affects it has had on our daily lives.

When we come to think about it, civilisation is still at the mercy of the elements, either from flood, hurricane, drought, snow…and the latest manifestation is no different…..

……but the difference is that with snow, most of us can see good in it…children love sledging, and no school for the day…..working people may or may not relish having a day off work, and grandparents like being with the grandchildren and building snowmen…. (actually I saw a snow-woman today, and it was quite evident that it was a lady!)……

….so, despite all the trouble and inconvenience it causes,  it’s nice for once to revel in a bit of fun….. especially now that we are semi-retired we don’t HAVE to go out in it!

Christmas Cards


Funny how we love over the years, sending Christmas cards with snow scenes, children throwing snowballs and sledging, people out walking in deep-rutted snow, people skating on ice-covered ponds, and jolly red-faced men leading hoses through snow-covered valleys, and the hoped-for snow on Christmas Day…….

…yet now that we have the snow so early, we moan about the cold, slipping on ice, the slush, the problems driving, people falling into icy water, the general in-convenience, and the horrific fuel bills we will have in the new year!

…………..be warned about the consequences of getting what you want!

…………………however you manage….we hope you have a pleasant season.

B********y weather

Over the last lot of weeks we have had reasonably open weather, and I have been at the office.

Then the one week when I have planned to go to beautiful St Fillans, in the middle of Perthshire, Edinburgh, and then to Kirkcudbright in the South west of Scotland……it snows!

Now if only I were a ten-year-old with a sleigh!

I saw an angel on Good Friday!

Travelling south on Friday, on a miserably wet and snowy journey through Gateshead, on the way to York, Young Lady and I suddenly spotted through the gloom, the Angel of the North. I have given the Angel the benefit of capital initials as she is now very famous following 10 years of life on a wind-swept hill. On first glimpse, it looks a bit like a glider which has reversed in flight and landed with its tail embedded in the hillside, and nose pointing skyward!

We were not able to stop to have a closer look, as the inexorable traffic drove is on, and we could see no exit signs to let us go closer. I’ve read about it (on blogs and elsewhere)and seen the photos but was still not prepared for the size. I must be honest that on such a day I did not find it beautiful, but it is certainly startling, and perhaps the fact that it is not possible for a through-traveller to see it in detail is important. It is obviously very strong, but in some ways it is ephemoral, as it fades into the distance. The image of the outstretched arms was also not lost on me on Good Friday…was this intentional?

You can check it out on the gateshead website… www.gateshead.gov.uk …then follow the link, for a three-dimensional view. Maybe next time we will be able to get out and have a closer look.