It’s a fair cop!

Next time you’re stopped by a policeperson for some serious or not so serious offence, remember he (or she) is only carrying-out their job, and often they do a little more than their job!

Just look at the link below….


One wonders why the NHS is in such a bad financial state with all the money poured into it.

Then a headline in the local newspaper tells us that over the last few months over thirty wheel-chairs have been stolen! They are provided within the foyer of the hospital to help those with mobility problems get to a car. So it would appear that those friends or relations who have come to collect the patient feel that it is their in-alienable right to purloin the said wheel-chair, fold it up and take it to the patient’s home!

Did no-one ever forsee this, or  did they not twig very quickly what was happening? It is possible to either modify these fold-away units or provide ones which are ‘fixed’. 

Do those who stole the chairs not realise that replacement of stolen units is depriving other departments of funding.

And we thought that this only happened with supermarket trolleys! I suppose it’s just as well that they are not motorised!

Flying high but waiting slowly?

airport waiting

Just back from a business trip using Gatwick Airport, and as usual, for an 80 minute trip, many hours have to be spent getting-to the airport, going thro security and waiting at lounges and gates. And despite so much going-on and people to be watched, airports and their journey are immensely-boring.

Can anyone tell me how they break the monotony?