So I gave you a few extra days to rethink, but I have to  congratulate the last commenter, Daffy, on being right. It is the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle, and not Lindisfarne (lovely as it is) as it is further north. We have never been over to Lindisfarne as we have always just missed the tide, which covers the causeway.

One place (plaice) worth visiting near there is Craster, a tiny fishing port with a marvellous smokery and fish restaurant. The above was a simple offering we had one day….no bottle of vinegar available!

We stayed at the old coaching inn, the Mason’s Arms, in Rennington, again quite close,….well worth the journey to stay in the marvellous outhouses converted into suites.  British accommodation and catering can be tremendous!

So I award DAFFY a personal driver to Northumberland, a slap-up meal at Crabster, and a weekend at the Mason’s Arms….and off course, a framed photo, on the wall, of her favourite Angel!

Where is it?

My photo, showing the Green Park Hotel in Pitlochry, suddenly disappeared!…..leaving me headerless. So it gave me the chance to put up this new one, which I still use on my computer desktop.

I’m not looking for an answer as to where my old Header went, but let’s see who knows their geography. All I will say about this new one is that it is off the Northumberland coast of England.

So go on, face the challenge….who can win the ‘I KNOW MY GEOGRAPHY’ award.

P.S. If anyone has stolen my old header, could they please return it!