A hidden corner of Perth

The National Trust of Scotland is responsible for many sites in Scotland. Some are Castles, some are country Houses, there are beaches, wild areas, mountains, old tenement buildings…..a wonderfully-eclectic group.

With being members for many years, wife and I have visited most of the easily-available ones, but some have escaped our visits for various reasons.

One such was Branklyn Garden in Perth, in the fair county of Perthshire. Unlike many other properties, this was developed as a small garden (less than two acres) by a lovely couple, Dorothy and John Renton, who, in 1922, had bought a bit of an overgrown apple orchard, upon which they built their Arts- and-Crafts-inspired house. A few years later they took on more of the orchard to allow them to develop the present garden.

Right at the start I have to say that it is well hidden away, and the car park is a walk away down a narrow steep tree-lined street. We made the mistake of buying a lot of items, forgetting I had to walk up to the car park and bring it down to briefly stop to put purchases, and wife, into the car!

Fortunately, parking for those with a disabled badge is available right beside the little Reception/Shop