Re-cycled microsoft?

computer repairs

Ever wondered what to do with your old computer or printer?

We used to collect them from friends and take them to the Hansel Village near Prestwick. A brilliant guy there would rebuild them as necessary so that they could be used by the residents. Unfortunately, having recently collected quite a number of units, I found out that due to some safety regulations they could no longer take them.

So a trawl through the net by Lady of the House brought forward the Charity with the link below. They travel round the UK going to old B & Q sites and they take them away for refurbishment to allow children in the Third World to access the3 internet. Have a look and see if they come anywhere near you.

Can you spare a dime?

pound notes falling

One day after the Royal Bank of Scotland announced that there would be large bonus payouts to its staff, high and low, and the day when there is supposed to be a tightening-up on credit for mortages we received a wonderful offer.

The same Royal Bank which was part of the most non-sensical banking episode most of us remember, have made available an extra 50% in our credit limit.

We were flattered that they felt we were so trustworthy, but if they had looked at, and analysed  our bank statements (which no doubt they can easily do) they would have recorded that our credit card use is only spasmodic and of a minimal amount. Why then would I suddenly wish a 50% increase in funds?

Has no-one told them that as a nation we have a phenomenally-high level of irresponsible spending……..and whilst spending is necessary to see us out of this recession (caused largely by their irresponsible lending ) saving is just as important or they will run out of funds again.

No thank you Mr RBS….keep your excessive credit and leave us to act sensibly.

Good for him!

badminton rackets

My brother, who is (whisper it) 3 years younger than me and lives in Australia, has been awarded a silver medal in the 60+ Mens Singles at badminton in the World Masters Games. Good for him…maybe he didn’t have a mis-spent childhood after all!

Of course, the only reason I could not enter was that I don’t play badminton, and Australia is too far away!


It should be called something else…………

nokia 6303

My old mobile phone has served me well for many years, but with the advent of a new car (with Bluetooth) being delivered in the next few days,  I was persuaded that perhaps I should move to the next technology step, so I now have a nice new shiny Nokia (not-just-a) phone.

Being a man, I of course immediately took it out of the box, and after charging it up, I started looking at the controls and pressing buttons. However this turned-out not just to be a simple phone, as it had about 2 million functions and combinations of what I could do with it!

It was therefore imperative that I study the supplied Instruction Manual. So I spent all yesterday evening wading through some 48 pages of small type giving me lots of sugestions as to how it would carry-out the multitude of functions I absolutely MUST use.

I have managed to exclude all the irrelevant buttons and get down to half-a-dozen operations I actually need. My next problem comes when the car is delivered, and I have to connect to the Bluetooth. Hopefully one of our offspring will be able to guide me through the minefield!

But why does someone not come out with a very, very, very, simple unit, which is just a phone?

Parting is such sweet sorrow!

…..well maybe that’s a slight exaggeration! 


Honda civic

We are parting from our two cars this week. Lady of the house can no longer drive with her eye problems  but the Honda Civic was being held-onto just in case things got better.  However, some months later there appears to be no sign of this improvement happening, and the fact of it sitting at the side of the house was beginning to annoy her, so the decision was reached, and it has gone to a good home! And we hope to see it again, to check it’s not lonely!



Honda CRV

The love of my life, (besides the lady and the family, that is) has been my old Honda CRV with 122, 000 miles on the clock, but still going well. However it was decided that we now needed a smaller vehicle (are we shrinking?) but still liked the height for getting into the car. Consultations with the local garage have brought forth a Nissan Qashqai (We had never heard of it before either!).So having spruced it up for the last time it will be disappearing from our runway this week. The image above is how it will appear to me as it disappears from view.

People say that you should never get emotional over cars, but we have had to admire the mechanical reliability of these two Japanese cars…..British manufacturers….are you reading this!