The Emerald (and Somewhat Tiring) Isle

Did you notice the change of header ? The format seems to be easier to pick-up on some computers, but if you have any problem receiving this Blog correctly, please let me know. But I also like the picture!

Just back from a short break with the Young Lady of the House, to Ireland. On Saturday, had a non-eventful trip from Troon to Larne, which was followed by a longer-than-expected car journey to Enniskillen, where we were staying. Dumped the cases and straight along the south edge of the Lower Lough Erne to Bundoran, just over the Border (where exactly was the Border?). Immediately to the almost-empty beach to see the Atlantic rollers, and the three surfers. Only enough time to get slightly cooled by the biting wind, before  on to the town of Donegal, but too busy to park….super meal at a hostelry just on the Border.

Next day, to church and visiting old friends ,where we ate too much…..but what’s new about that in Ireland?

Monday saw us travelling across country, to see another friend, and then off early to the ferry to get a good early position. Took off 45 mins late and bad weather slowed progress so that we arrived much later than the plan said, (we were actually LAST car off!) followed by a tiring drive north and home.

Who calls these events holidays….I think they should be banned! Things would have been quieter and less tiring at work! But at least we saw some places we had never seen before, and people whom we had not seen for too long. 

On balance, definitely worthwhile…..but why, Oh why, is wonderful Ireland so far away by car?