Bothersome bikers!

Last evening, Lady of the House and I decided to drive into the countryside to have a meal in the Rob Roy Inn at Buchlyvie (if you don’t know the village, don’t even try to pronounce it!)

The weather was beautiful, and we took the winding road through  the gorgeous Blane Valley with the low sun glinting off the Campsie Hills. Other car-owners had obviously decided to take the same route and we all meandered along well within the speed limit.

It was very pleasant and enjoyable, until, suddenly there was this tremendous roar from behind and to my utter amazement, there were three ton-up boys, on exceedingly powerful motor-bikes, accelerating past me, on the wrong side of the road, on a blind corner!  There were no more than two seconds between each of them and they cut-in and out as they weaved between cars, pulling-in as coaches and lorries came towards them, with sickengly little distance to spare! 

So why do they go out on these wild sprees?….is it to terrorise motorists……is it to show-off about the power of their bikes….is it for an adrenalin kick?

It certainly can’t be to admire the scenery….or to maintain the quiet of the countryside……or to endear themselves to other road users…..or to encourage others to take up the sport….or to minimise their global footprint….or to show respect for the sanity of motorists…

Can someone please explain why I should abstain from driving them off the road!….so, if you are a biker, please pay those of us who keep to the law, a little bit more respect!

2 thoughts on “Bothersome bikers!

  1. Irishpisky, you should abstain from driving them off the road simply because that would be illegal, not to mention stupid. And the fact that they would appear from your description (albeit I would respectfully suggest a biased one – “ton-up boys”, “exceedingly powerful”) to have been contravening various parts of the Road Traffic Act doesn’t give anyone else the right to do likewise (two wrongs don’t make a right).

    Yes, there are a number of motorcyclists who pay scant regard for other road users, but there are a greater number of car drivers who are of a similar selfish nature, and in the same way that not all car drivers are twats not all motorcyclists are either. As you may have guessed by now, if you didn’t know already, I am a motorcyclist, but I am one of the ones, like you as a car driver, who is actually polite and considerate on the road, being a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists as an advanced car driver and motorcyclist, and being a Qualified Motorcycle Observer.

    The acceleration capabilities of modern motorcycles is such that a passing manoeuvre can be safely undertaken in a very short space of time, and if the driver/rider of the vehicle being passed isn’t fully aware of what’s behind them (as most won’t be, I would suggest) then the surprise generated by a motorcycling overtaking can lead to the erroneous impression that it’s being done dangerously. Yes, indeed some motorcyclists do overtake when it isn’t 100% safe to do so, I wouldn’t seek to deny that, and not having seen the incident you describe I can’t comment directly on that but you seem to be generalising a bit so the point I’m making in response is that even when it looks dangerous to a non-motorcyclist, it’s entirely possible it isn’t actually dangerous. Annoying to people trapped in their little tin boxes perhaps, but not necessarily dangerous.

    And as an observation, there wouldn’t necessarily have to have been more than two seconds between each of them, as two seconds is generally an adequate gap to leave on a dry road, as it’s the oft-quoted “two second rule” whereby as the vehicle in front passes a fixed point you say to yourself “only a fool breaks the two second rule” and if you’ve passed that fixed point before you finish saying it, you’re too close behind them. On a dry road that is.

    And as a final point, the global footprint of a modern motorcycle is way less than that of a car, even when it’s being ridden hard.

    Have a nice day, and let’s share the road with a bit of tolerance for other road users who make their own choices about how they’re going to use it. And I aim that at motorcyclists and car drivers alike.


  2. The ton up boys are from another era; I wonder if those riders were from that same time. If so, they should have had a greater sense of self preservation; it appears from what you say, they did not have a care for other road users and the effects on them.

    Your other commentator makes highly valid points. While your feathers may have been ruffled, you, nor I, or anyone else, has the right to take anyone off the road. You do have a right to report what you saw, so much the better if you or your companion obtained a registration or even part of one. Then, there is a chance that such inconsiderate road users can be warned off, legally, and by the appropriate authorities.

    We all suffer nutters on the road. Some people once behind an engine think they can be all powerful and invincible; it means the considerate and careful road user must always be alert. But to drive someone off the road, aforethought, I think not!

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