Energy crisis, what energy crisis?

I drive a wonderful Honda CRV with 100,000 miles on the clock, and it has never given any real problems. Our winters in Scotland can come suddenly and rather un-expectedly, and with the change in the clocks, and shortening light, I reckoned a few months ago that I should invest in one of these portable batteries, just in case… I did. Thank goodness!

A few days of running about on short journeys, with full lights, radio on , the essential rear window heater, and that inconspicuous little light which stays on when you are unloading stuff, all contributed to a failure to start one morning.

A few moments connecting the portable battery, and crisis over, and I was off!  A marvellous item, well worth the investment….but portable?……it is about the weight of the smaller of the suitcases (mine,obviously!) we take on holiday, so it has a downside. I have been told that I am probably still using the original car battery, so my charger will hopefully pass down to the next generation, when I am past driving.

On the other hand, with the continuing increase in petrol (now over £1 per litre), travel by car may become an un-sustainable item, and the charger be condemned to the same fate as the Sinclair C5 car and the fondeau set.

O, what a happy future we are handing-on!