What a pantomime it all was!

We have just come in from a performance of the pantomime Dick Whittington, another superb bit of light-hearted nonesense by the ‘Kirkie’ Players.

To have such a wonderful bunch of young and not-so-young children and adults come together for nine performances, to a packed house each time, is a great indication of how the different generations can work together. The joy and excitement on the faces of the audience indicated how much they appreciated it.

So the next time someone complains about the youth of today, just tell them to come to Lenzie, or  thousands of other venues and clubs up and down the country, to see how good our young people can be…..Fear not of the future….

Not Guilty!

So two lads, 16 and 18 year olds, who planned a ‘fantasy’ murdering spree at their school, have been found not guilty of anything….despite wasting their own time in a stupid prank, wasting police and public prosecutor time, involving a considerable expense of public money, and achieving their 15 minutes of fame.

Who do they think they are?…..I have seen no regret or apology from them or the parents, and no attempt to explain why they did this, but they and their legal counsel (presumably paid from public funds) managed to convince a gullible jury that it was only a harmless fantasy!

Do they live in the same world as us? Do they not see what is happening about them? These guys were old enough to know what they were doing. And they just want to get on with their lives!  They hoped that this would not affect their hope to join the army…..I can just imagine an RSM dealing with them, and putting the fear of death into them!………..now there’s a phrase that they might learn to appreciate!

A summer evening

Out for a walk with our grandson, Euan, aged 9(and a bit!) and recalled the fun we had as children pretending to be lost in a wood, paddling in a stream, watching out for rabbits, throwing stones, acting the idiot on the swings, falling in the mud, walking on walls, washing the wellies, and a cold drink before going off home to get ready for school again……of such memories are a wonderful childhood made………

What do you recall from your youth?