Equality, or what?

So a Christian sex therapist refuses to work with a gay couple because of his beliefs…..and has lost his appeal.

There is no doubt that the couple should have human rights….but what about the therapist…has he none? And why could the couple not be allocated someone who is happy to undertake the work?

Doesn’t seem very equal to me!

We’re so lucky!

Travelled to Birmingham NEC and back, by car, yesterday (5 hours of driving each way!) to attend Naidex, the major UK (if not European) exhibition of equipment for disabled people.

It was jammed full of manufacturers, and distributors, all wanting to show off their products, many on really-21st century display areas.

Catalogues, leaflets, visiting cards, bowls of sweets, pens, keyrings, dolly-birds, and earnest representatives adorned the stands…….

But what has stood out most in my memory is none of these, but the bravery of many of the thousands of people physically handicapped, but still with the strength and courage to come with their wheelchairs, crutches and other walking aids….but mostly their pride. One had a sticky label on the back of his wheelchair, for all to see, and which said ‘  ……’OK so I am disabled, Get over it!’

It puts one’s petty sniffles or creaking bones into some perspective…..doesn’t it!

……………………..I take my hat off to you folks!

Please elect me….!

Funny how potential politicians  refer to themselves as public servants before they are elected, and promise to listen to the people; but as soon as they join the House of Commons they become our masters and tell us the laws they enact are for our own good!

You would think that we would learn!