Please elect me….!

Funny how potential politicians  refer to themselves as public servants before they are elected, and promise to listen to the people; but as soon as they join the House of Commons they become our masters and tell us the laws they enact are for our own good!

You would think that we would learn!

4 thoughts on “Please elect me….!

  1. For what it’s worth, I’m really unimpressed with both Labour and the LibDems. Labour because they forced through the Digital Economy Bill, which effectively criminalizes anybody who shares or downloads music, or even changes the music’s format (i.e., CD to iPod), and does so through draconian measures such as cutting people’s internet access off, WITHOUT due process. The bill has a lot of problems, but still, they forced it through using the “washup” period at the end of Parliament. Further, some 400-odd MPs DIDN’T EVEN TURN UP to vote on it, meaning it went through on a minority vote and you *can’t* govern on a minority’s say-so! It’s just not done!

    Of the 400 MPs that didn’t turn up, Jo Swinson was amongst them. I’m really really unimpressed by the fact she wasn’t there, despite the LibDems being *against* the bill. Just shows, to me, how ineffectual the LibDems really are. She won’t be getting my vote again.

    This said, from what I’ve read over the BBC’s news website, David Cameron is impressing me. While the LibDems, Labour and other parties are busy slinging allegations at each other, Cameron seems to be remaining productive and constructive, by focusing on the issues people *want* the government to deal with. Here’s hoping he can stay clean and just as productive by the 6th May, and that he’ll keep to his promises if the Conservatives get elected.

  2. None of the crowd are too impressive on the media front, except for the odd non-beautiful, non-toothy smoothie. But then, I want more than a shallow media presentation; sadly a lot of people will fall for what they see and what the media tell them to do.

    So, IP what do you stand for?

  3. Fiona……you’ve hit the nail on the head when mentioning whether politicians keep to their promises!…and you’re also right about the ‘wash-up’ process whereby bills get through ‘on the nod’

    menhir……One of my patients is a retired Scottish politian, who has a great admiration for Margaret Thatcher, John Smith, and David Steel. He has scant regard for many of the current politicians in power, and is happy to be out of it all!

    DD….thanks for the vote of confidence but I am too well-known through the local press letters’ page to ever stand a chance in local politics!…no party dare take a chance on supporting me. in case I turned and bit them!

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