Have a guess…



Those who get comments from me may have noticed that the above picture now replaces the christmas wreath (I am really quite slow at all this!). Any guesses as to what it is? 

It’s not terribly difficult!

Say ‘Awwwww’

Daughter of the House sent me the following delightful little photo for those who like that kind of thing!





SORRY FOLKS….had to convert to gif, and animation not working….anyway, a pretty little scene!

A coincidence?

On Saturday, I went to the Isle of Arran, off Ayrshire, on an idyllic day of sunshine and warmth. I was visiting a local church briefly, whilst the Young Lady of the House, and Daughter went to the few local shops, and we got back to the boat slightly early.

Having a few minutes to spare, we visited a local Art Gallery. Speaking to the owner about churches and I mentioned that we went to St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow. His immediate reaction was that he had a print of an un-usual view of Kelvin Bridge and a large church, Lansdowne Ch of Scotland, and our Cathedral in the background. I immediately snapped it up, and it now has pride of place beside the print of the little Church in Bearsden which has played such a large part in our lives.

Isn’t life strange that I had to go so far away to find it!