Nature’s wonderful!

A lovely weekend here in the west of Scotland, and that allowed me to get outdoors a lot. When tidying-up in the garden (badly-needed!) and getting down and dirty removing weeds, I came upon my first ladybird of the year! A bit docile (the ladybird, not me!)but pottering round exploring the scenery.

Next on the scene was what I thought was the orange-tip butterfly, which Flighty/Mike mentioned in his Facebook entry. Never having seen one before in this area, I was keen to ensure I was correct. The distinctive wing colouring confirmed the identification.

Going over to our daughter’s for dinner yesterday, there was quite an activity with great skeins of geese overhead. They eventually landed in the field behind her house. making a racket! They also use a local Loch as a transit stop for winter and summer migration.

After tea we headed for the rural part of the Forth and Clyde Canal…very close to her, and only yards away we saw the white rump of a deer ambling across the country path in front of us!

Whilst walking along this lovely canal we noticed a heron keeping up with us on the other side. When we moved in line with it, it moved on about 20 yards, and waited for us to catch up. Then it moved on again. When it stood in the reeds, it was almost invisible!

Our final wonderful experience was the appearance of a skylark, in the blue sky,quite audible over traffic .

…….a lovely set of memories…and all within a few minutes’ walk!