Eurovision Song Compost?

Spent some of my dwindling life-hours yesterday evening, watching the rectangular screen in the corner of the room, trying to establish exactly why I was being so masochistic !

The annual nonsense called the Eurovision Song Contest is supposed to be the cream of the song-writers producing brilliant innovative lyrics, and tunes, which are then transmitted to us by great singers and a backing which should have added to the basic tune to emphasise the best features… produce a series of truly-remarkable and memorable events.

How wrong can you be!…..I watched the first 10, and that was enough…..and from what I heard I missed nothing with the rest. Why do foreign countries sometimes feel they have to sing in English when they have a perfectly-good language of their own, or try to copy the musical styles of other countries? aAnd why are gimmicks thought to be essential. It might be better to broadcast it over the radio, so that the music and words spoke for themselves.

No doubt all involved got their share of the trough, but perhaps if this is the best that Europe can offer as international musical entertainment, it is probably kinder to put it down painlessly than let it drag itself deeper into the mire of obscurity….

Or maybe I am being  too severe….no, I don’t think I am!

What a racket

Over the last few days we’ve had a large number of starlings swooping, feeding and making a real noise from daybreak to nightfall a couple of gardens away. They seem to be very localised, and we have only heard and seen them in this one specific area.

I don’t find them particulary-attractive birds, but they must like each other!

Just a short call…

Are you one of those people who are happy to agree with the old Irish saying ‘Never do today ,what you can put off till tomorrow’ . Well, I can be a bit like that. If it’s a nice day we should be out enjoying the scenery….the weeds can be pulled tomorrow! If there’s a good film on the television…well then, the dishes can wait!  I don’t need new clothes…these old ones are fine!

 Today, I made a phone call I meant to make a while ago.  I shouldn’t have put it off…there was no good reason.  It definitely had to be made. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. The Lady of the House had been at me for weeks to get on with it… know how it is, guys?

It’s not that it was crucial, or critical…I could have put up with not making it…the world was not going to change….no-one would be particularly affected by it, besides myself. 

On the other hand, why wait? What reason could I keep giving to the family or others as to why I hadn’t made that simple move?  I’m a grown, mature adult, so it wouldn’t be difficult….perhaps a little embarassing….but I just had to lift the phone, dial the number (if I could find it again…) and get on with it. It wouldn’t take long, and having done it, I should feel a great weight lifted off my shoulders.

I decided to bite the bullet and late this afternoon I found the number and called. I was instantly in touch with the person to whom I had to speak. After a few minutes of trivial chat, I knew I could not delay or I would get cold feet and hang up the phone!

The person was very pleasant about it all, seemed to sympathise with me and was certainly helping me with what I needed to say. It took longer than I thought, but there were no unpleasantries and the chap on the other end was very pleasant and professional about it all.

I thanked him profusely for being so understanding and helpful, and, as predicted, I did feel a great sense of relief when he finished the conversation with……

………..’Thank you for applying for your Old Age Pension’………dammit that’s what made me feel ancient!

Having a break

Just now we’re getting a big return on the investment we’ve paid into the NHS over the years, so i will be having a sabbatical from postings during the near future.  Will get back ASAP.

……But I will try to keep in touch with all those who are still posting.

Kind regards…and keep us in your thoughts.