Courtesy is not dead!


Recently, Iwas asked by two separate people, to volunteer during two events.

Neither of these little jobs asked for any tremendous intellect, or required any great thought about whether or not I would help, so I instantly agreed. Both turned out to be pleasurable and much fun.

All was forgotten until I was given two separate envelopes at different times. They were lovely hand-written Thank You notes!

In these days of instant communication, tweeting and e-mails, messaging and answering machines, it was so nice to think that two busy people had purposefully sat down and, literally, put pen to paper. In those few minutes nothing else would matter, save that they gathered their thoughts together, and they expressed thanks for small deeds happily done.

Maybe the world in general might be a happier and more content place if occasionally we put pen-to-paper and not finger-to- keyboard.

Fabulous four-some!


I recently posted a blog about how bad things come in threes.  Well, luckily, the third never came! In fact we should be pleased that things seem to be going so well just now.

  • I’ve been (un-expectedly) elevated to Fellowship within my profession
  • A nephew has just become engaged to a lovely girl
  • We had a super meal with our daughter at the weekend
  • Our son and his fiancee are enjoying themselves down in London training for a new career

There are some other happenings which look exciting, but I don’t want to tempt fate.

The only one bad thing still in the forefront of our minds, is that we have had to close down our shop dealing with disability aids after only three years. It served the community well, but  many people now come in for free advice and just go on the net to hunt about to look for the cheapest bargain. Then if it is not suitable they come and see what we can do about it!

We’re not alone as many large and small businesses in our area have folded, leaving vacant premises and the whole urban landscape is becoming very depressing.

And of course behind every such closure lies much heartache for employers and employees alike. However we will fight on for as long as we can….and, hey, the next Government will be able to put everything to rights.

Meanwhile we will be happy with our good news!