A full Church and Choir Stalls!

Sunday evening saw our Choir joining with other singers to sing the Office of Evensong, in St Aidan’s Church on the southern outskirts of Glasgow as they celebrated 85 years in existence.

We had been helping in the arranging of the musical content of the Service along with the Rector and the Organist, but were not sure how many others would join us in the Choir stalls from the other invited churches, so did not know how many copies of the music would be required.

The equivalent problems were being faced by those organising the printing of Service sheets and also the catering for our bodily needs afterwards as regards food.

In the event we were all caught un-awares by the numbers turning up for the practice, the service itself, and the numbers of sticky buns required.

Choir stalls, church and hall were all filled to overflowing!……you never see that mentioned in the newspapers!

2 thoughts on “A full Church and Choir Stalls!

  1. Always order more sticky buns than you think your gonna need as someone always eats them. It sounds like a good turn up. Did you enjoy it?

  2. Very much…..when you have been planning something for a long time, and practising the choir, it is lovely to see it all coming to fruition! And if the enthusiasm bubbles-over to others that is even better. Sticky buns i love, but I got none (Aw!) I was too busy getting photos of the assembled choir, for posterity, that others beat me to the plates!

    I have just had an invitation for the Choir to come again to help them at the Nine Lessons and Carols service before Christmas….so might get some Christmas cake!

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