It’s nearly over…thank goodness!

Much as I can support the possibilities coming from competitors from all over the world, meeting and competing once every four years, I am certainly having reservations about the recent comments from the IOC President.

He has said that London cannot do less than China did to put on the spectacular 2008 Olympic Games. Has he not noted the starvation throughout the world, the ozone layer problem, the disruption in people’s lives, the consumption of materials, the use of a decreasing fuel supply, the air-time taken up, the glorification of what should be sports, but end up as ways to earn obscene amounts of money etc etc.

How we can justify spending such large amounts of money and using up the earth’s resources, whilst others starve, I just do not know! What are we saying to gernerations to come….. ‘We ignored the poor and hungry, so that we can get our fix of sport, and spent increasingly-large amounts of money so that others can praise our politicians.

Sorry, but I will be glad when it is over….I’ve had over-kill!

4 thoughts on “It’s nearly over…thank goodness!

  1. I never watched any part of the Olympics… none of it.
    I don’t quite know how I managed that but no sooner had they started…it felt as though they had finished.
    The politics involved are just wrong.. You have made some very valid points.

  2. Lovely to hear from you again….actually we didn’t see very much, as the large-screen TV was away for repair for about three weeks, and we were using a small one…not quite the same!

    With the credit squeeze into full swing just now and likely to last a couple of years at least, most of us have better ideas on how this money could be spent!….I know my wife does, anyway!

  3. I kinda understand where you are coming from but i can also see the otherside. The games open up so many jobs for people. I know that it is a short time but some are getting jobs when they didnt have one at all.
    I am glad its all over and dread to think what the 2012 games will be like. I know that they are asking for over 70 thousand volunteers already.
    Then there are going to be all those dodgy vans selling dodgy food.
    My uncle was working in Beijing this year. He was responsable for all the BBC sound. Pretty good job to have. ANd he said that it was amazing being over there and seeing the way that people live. I think that what i would like. Stuff the sport….. although i do like the gymnastics with the girlies. hehe

  4. Hi, F….thanks for coming from the other viewpoint….i get on my high horse sometimes, and nedd brought down-to-earth!

    You’re right of course, and it has been interesting to see the ‘other side’ of the world, and how they can present themselves. Let’s hope it does encourage a loosening of the political noose in China and they can (if not espouse, then at least move towards) providing a greater freedom for their people.

    I also worry about the cost when we hear of the great disparity in living conditions brought out in the recent TV comparisons of life expectancy between two places in Scotland not 10 miles apart. We are fortunate to live in the so-called affluent area of Lenzie, with a life expectancy of 81 whilst in part of Glasgow the expectancy is 53!

    Will the 2012 Olympics help them ? I think not! We can only hope that the economy picks up before that time!

    P.S.Interested in hearing of your uncle. My father at one time worked in lighting Outside Broadcasting with the BBC (Before Brilliant Colour!) in Scotland.

    P.P.S. Don’t remind me of the girlie gymnasts! LOL

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