Here comes Autumn!

We live quite close to a Site of Special scientific Interest (SSSI), which is a wild area at one time used for peat-cutting.

It has been allowed to remain in its original state with paths crossing it to permit people to walk around in relative freedom. Because of the perpetually-damp state of the area, a mist can hang over it at certain times, which must be reminiscent of the great English moors.

This morning we had the first evidence of the mist moving over our back garden, with the resultant silence.

Yes Autumn has arrived!

4 thoughts on “Here comes Autumn!

  1. i know! i know! i’m so excited for autumn (except for the whole going back to school thing). there was a LEAF on the windshield of my car this week! we have lots of trees in our yard and by november, we’re swimming in leaves. it’s kind of fun.

  2. I think of the leaves as a ‘cornflake carpet’, and as a child i remember looking for piles of leaves which had been gathered up in a park, just to kick the pile and revel in them blowing all over the place! Was that the beginning of my downfall?

    My only problem is a neighbour who has a very large number of high branches over-hanging our garden, and they will soon be shedding their leaves. I then have to rake them up regularly to stop them rotting on the lawn….miserable old me!

  3. i also like this time as the foliag dies down we start to see little plants we had forgotten were in the corners of the garden.

    Luckily we live in the West of Scotland, and although it was once said to be the dampest area in the UK, we have had a very reasonable spring and summer, with no excessive rain…in fact, yesterday was very pleasant. We do feel for those poor people having to deal with the effects of flooding….as winter looms up.

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