Quo Vadis youth?

I think that the spate of killings by relatively-young people has introduced a scary aspect into our view of respect for others. The fact that a teenager can, by using a gun, knife, or simply a kick, deprive another person of the most human right of all, that of life, must be one of the greatest problem to be tackled by society. Surely the talk of human rights has to be applied first of all to a victim and his/her family, and must supercede the demands of a thug, of whatever age.

Just now we don’t seem to have a way for a large number of our young people to work off aggression or energy in a constructive manner. Many of course do get through the difficult time of teenagehood unscathed, but what can be done about, or for those who go badly off the rails?

Is it beyond the wit of parents, friends, teachers, society in general, and Governments, to develop the concept of respect for the property and life of others….or have we all, in our own way, lost some of that respect so they are only a reflection of what they see in us?

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