Car v Bus (2)

Luckily we took the car, as it poured, and poured, and poured! Got what I needed and came home, whilst the Young Lady did not purchase anything! To celebrate this unusual event we got some very expensive Thornton’s chocs….still it was worth the price!


Cars v Bus

Thought of heading off for the bus into town…to use our bus passes for only the third time in a couple of years…(the convenience of the car can only be laid aside after a lot of practice!)…but at last minute, the rain came on, and it is a fair walk within the town….so have dropped the idea….sorry, environment, but the car still has a use for old folk like us!

The silly garden

Despite the turmoil in the world’s financial centres, the flowers have obviously been very un-impressed, because they have continued to bloom, and the tomato plants have continued to bring forth their fruit (if not exactly in due season).  Someone will have to tell them that they should be paying more attention to these important events….some hope!

Another day…another season!

A fruitful yesterday evening in the garden….the young blackbirds have left their nest so I could get the hedge cut at last….. why do we have to have a hedge with straight sides and top, as if it is a piece of household furniture? ….and the lawn has to be bowling-green flat, with no uneven-ness or weeds?

This morning, the rain is on, there is a glint off the wet leaves, and the patio slabs look pristine, but no birds are singing yet….maybe I frightened them off with the electric hedge-trimmer…..maybe I should have left the hedge for another day or two. When I retire, I will be able to afford that luxury!