Where does it all go?

A question has arisen in my mind. The aforementioned wedding has (hopefully) a barbecue as part of the proceedings. But the weather forecast does not look too good. So that set me thinking. In spring and summer, supermarkets and garden centres are full of barbecues, patio heaters etc, and clothes shops are promoting skimpy beachwear (for the ladies at least!). The equivalent happens at Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and Hallowe’en.

So, when the promised heat -wave does not arrive, or people are turned-off buying Christmas tree lights, chocolate and/or fireworks, what happens to all the unused stock? Are there large secret warehouses marked on the outside with their contents, which will not need to be looked at for twelve months? Do they suddenly become empty, or are there a succession of lorries in January, bringing in the un-sold Christmas tat, whilst at the other end of the building, other lorries are taking out all the Easter stuff still stored from the previous year? You can work out the rest of the sequence for yourself. In fact, come to think of it, the stock could be on moving pallets, trundling along at exactly the right speed to allow them to traverse the floor of the warehouse, just in time to be taken out at the next appropriate season.

C’mon, you great suppliers and warehouse builders, how about a round of applause for a brilliant idea……British inventors can still come up with the goods!

We’re off to a match..

………….No, not a football or rugby match….but one of the great rituals humanity has invented…a wedding. A son of one of our favourite couples is getting wed today in a lovely setting and we have been invited to witness the event.

Why do we all do this? Actually I think that the clothes industry had something to do with the concept of weddings, as the Young Lady of the house decided that certain items in her wardrobe HAD to be replaced, whilst I managed with a new shirt and dickie bow (Oh, yes, this is still high fashion for me! ).

We all dress up and make conversation with people we have never met before, and will probably never meet again, eat little nibbles which we know are not really allowed within the regime of eating which we should be following, sip at fizzy alcohol, while we know we still have to drive home, face the wrath of the Other Half if we are seen to be in the humorous company of a young lady half our age (or maybe even a third of our age!), and feel uncomfortable in those shoes which we really should have broken-in!…..and yet, and yet…..

There is still something about seeing two young people going through a rite of passage, which the Young Lady of the house, and I, undertook many years ago. Whether it is your own children, close friends you have known since their youth, or a totally unknown pair, we all hope for them the security and happiness we have enjoyed for almost four decades.

The problem is, expectations are probably much higher in most aspects of life, for them. Our generation often started off with very few material goods, and in fact we have some still. We were not well off and often had to make-do (a phrase not often used now-a-days).

Someone once said that you could tell you were getting old, as many a sentence started with ‘When I was your age…..’ and ended with ‘Of course, a pound was worth a lot of money then…..’. However, enough of my maudling memories.

No, really, I am looking forward to getting dressed-up, and seeing this young couple taking the next step in their lives together. I also suspect that it will not only be my Young Lady who has to wipe away a sentimental tear………