So I gave you a few extra days to rethink, but I have to  congratulate the last commenter, Daffy, on being right. It is the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle, and not Lindisfarne (lovely as it is) as it is further north. We have never been over to Lindisfarne as we have always just missed the tide, which covers the causeway.

One place (plaice) worth visiting near there is Craster, a tiny fishing port with a marvellous smokery and fish restaurant. The above was a simple offering we had one day….no bottle of vinegar available!

We stayed at the old coaching inn, the Mason’s Arms, in Rennington, again quite close,….well worth the journey to stay in the marvellous outhouses converted into suites.  British accommodation and catering can be tremendous!

So I award DAFFY a personal driver to Northumberland, a slap-up meal at Crabster, and a weekend at the Mason’s Arms….and off course, a framed photo, on the wall, of her favourite Angel!

11 thoughts on “‘I KNOW MY GEOGRAPHY’ AWARD!

  1. Congratulations, Daffy! Sounds like a lovely spot…although I’m fairly new on here, so just checking…you’re being offered a weekend at the Mason’s Arms??? Hmmmmmm…. 😉

  2. Glo….i don’t think Daffy would want to go this far away, as she would be outof sight of her wonderful ‘Angel of the North’

    CWG….the appropriate reply to that must be … TOUGH CHEESE! As to the food,it was some kind of ‘fish sandwich’, with a fillet top and bottom and a filling…..not sure what it was. I never photograph my own meal.

    Daffy….As at the time of writing, you have not replied, maybe you are mentally packing already! I think you would have to take CWG with you to show her the wonders of this great part of the world (including your favourite Lady!).

  3. Yay! I knew I was right. I’ve been before , not too long ago and I we stayed at this hotel.
    which was lovely.
    I love Crasta too and there are no better kippers than a Crasta Kipper. I think there is a pub called the Jolly Fisherman at Crasta and I seem to remember going there for a bar meal.
    I have a funny feeling that if Curly and I went anywhere together we may not get out of the pub! :o)
    Many thanks for the Award… I would like to thank my…. :o)

  4. This is uncanny….we have also stayed there. relations of the Young Lady regularly stay for a couple of Summer weeks in a cottage in Embleton,(about 200 yds from the Hotel) and we try different hotels around the area, so that we can have different places to eat when we all get together.

    Unfortunately my spelling of English place names can go to pot….but you can see the award, so must relate it to us when you return….and let CWG buy her own beer!

  5. The hotel we both stayed at has just recently been refurbished. They have some lovely little holiday cottages out the back too so pets are welcome. My better half and I are hoping to go back up again before the summer. I remember we drove up to Berwick. I love Berwick. I just love that it’s both a little English and Scottish and the mix fits nicely (although I fear it would rather be Scottish)
    Crasta is my daughters favourite place to go crabbing. :o)

  6. Well done Daffy! Mind you it is in your backyard so you’ve no excuse for not knowing where it is! xx.
    It’s certainly a lovely area, that’s for sure! Cheers!

  7. Hey! ;o) Don’t take the shine of my Geography Quest! It’s all about knowledge Flighty. Certain parts of Northumbria are as far away from me as York and I assure you I don’t know all the ruins in York. I suppose it helps a little that I have been!
    :o) I think I’d better get packed! :o)

  8. Daffy as if I would! I know that you’ve been to most places thereabouts, and that does help just a little!
    Anyway it’s a well deserved award. Have a good time, and send me a postcard! xx
    Irishpisky please excuse Daffy and I taking over your blog like this! Cheers!

  9. I am used to women taking over my life, but shame on you Flighty!….but don’t worry I will probably do the same to both of you one day!

  10. Hurrah for Daffy.
    Oooh fish. I am going to have a week of eating fish. I love it and its so good for you.

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