We’re so lucky!

Travelled to Birmingham NEC and back, by car, yesterday (5 hours of driving each way!) to attend Naidex, the major UK (if not European) exhibition of equipment for disabled people.

It was jammed full of manufacturers, and distributors, all wanting to show off their products, many on really-21st century display areas.

Catalogues, leaflets, visiting cards, bowls of sweets, pens, keyrings, dolly-birds, and earnest representatives adorned the stands…….

But what has stood out most in my memory is none of these, but the bravery of many of the thousands of people physically handicapped, but still with the strength and courage to come with their wheelchairs, crutches and other walking aids….but mostly their pride. One had a sticky label on the back of his wheelchair, for all to see, and which said ‘  ……’OK so I am disabled, Get over it!’

It puts one’s petty sniffles or creaking bones into some perspective…..doesn’t it!

……………………..I take my hat off to you folks!

Courtesy is not dead!


Recently, Iwas asked by two separate people, to volunteer during two events.

Neither of these little jobs asked for any tremendous intellect, or required any great thought about whether or not I would help, so I instantly agreed. Both turned out to be pleasurable and much fun.

All was forgotten until I was given two separate envelopes at different times. They were lovely hand-written Thank You notes!

In these days of instant communication, tweeting and e-mails, messaging and answering machines, it was so nice to think that two busy people had purposefully sat down and, literally, put pen to paper. In those few minutes nothing else would matter, save that they gathered their thoughts together, and they expressed thanks for small deeds happily done.

Maybe the world in general might be a happier and more content place if occasionally we put pen-to-paper and not finger-to- keyboard.

What a pantomime it all was!

We have just come in from a performance of the pantomime Dick Whittington, another superb bit of light-hearted nonesense by the ‘Kirkie’ Players.

To have such a wonderful bunch of young and not-so-young children and adults come together for nine performances, to a packed house each time, is a great indication of how the different generations can work together. The joy and excitement on the faces of the audience indicated how much they appreciated it.

So the next time someone complains about the youth of today, just tell them to come to Lenzie, or  thousands of other venues and clubs up and down the country, to see how good our young people can be…..Fear not of the future….

All change….

This weekend our world changed….

Our son, who has faithfully worked along with us in our business, through good times and bad for many years, has taken another very large step along a new career path, where he will be much cleverer than his Old Mum and Pop. This is not peculiar to us as most parents want to see their children well established in life.

We always hoped it might happen, we always knew it would happen,  and when it did happen we rejoiced with them. Daughter, many years ago, established herself in a profession to make most parents feel proud, and it has proved to be so. Son has taken longer, but no less thoughtfully.

It will be strange not having him to turn to for technical advice, but as our tenure in business is slowly coming to an end, we will just have to manage.

His genetic background is full of those who have taken risks in life with many who were self-employed and entrepreneurial in spirit and action, so he will no doubt have the same worries and disappointments as we have had over the last 26 years. But if he has as much fun and excitement as we have have had, then it will be worthwhile.

Another death…..

A death has been reported…..not Michael Jackson….but a young child only a few months old, brutally killed by a 15 year old baby sitter… and yet the position within the order of news is perhaps some indication of how little we (or the media) feel about such an event. Or is it because we are so used to hearing it, just like the stabbings of young men in London.?

Jackson made a lot of money, and achieved a lot of power in his life. How he decided to use this was up to him. On the other hand, the little child never stood a chance in his brief existence.

I don’t know how we bring back a sense of revulsion about such murders and find a way to prevent them, but perhaps we have to re-assess how we value life.

The death of a celebrity may or may not prove important in the long-run, but if we continue to accept murder of innocent children with no effective way to deal with the perpetrators, then our civilisation is doomed.

Another Good Man Gone!

We’ve just lost a good friend to a brain tumour. He was only about 52, and we got to know him when he came to join my choir. He showed an immense talent for music composition, keyboard skills and a wonderful sense of humour through even the dark days. He also came over as very thoughtful, caring and non-complaining.

He had looked forward to going to Ballachulish, Argyll in March to join in Evensong. His health had badly deteriorated, and we were very unsure about whether it was wise for him to go. If anything had happened while up there, the distance to a suitable hospital would have proved catastrophic, and we might have carried this in our mind for many a long year.

My final opinion was sought, and I had to say YES, as I could never have forgiven myself if I has said NO. In the event, two members very kindly looked after him over the weekend and he thoroughly enjoyed it. It was his last major event outside his hospital and hospice.

So, ‘CARPE DIEM’…..never let an opportunity of any kind go by….you may never get the chance again!

Really just a small cog….

I know we are all pre-occupied with our own time on this earth, and the short section of time we call life. However to put this very basic information into perspective, it is very salutory to watch the following website, for just a few minutes, and see how we fit-in to the larger picture, and also how much pollution we are producing as a nation. Have a look at it. http://www.breathingearth.net/ …..it’s fascinating!