A 70+ year-old Irish lad (with a somewhat dog-eared bus-pass), who decided to make Scotland his home many years ago in 1962.

Married in October 1967 to the (very-forgiving and tolerant) Young Scottish Lady of the House, with two marvellous grown-up children, and daughter-in-law. We are very lucky to be blessed with quite a few faithful friends, neighbours and colleagues.

Had our own successful business ‘Northern Acoustics’ for over 27 years, and have now happily retired.

Had a long spell on the organ stool, and with the conductor’s baton. I have a great love of writing choral music, which was sung by our little choir, ‘Angelus’.

Very much now involved with t he U3A (University of the Third Age) and have formed a Singing Group for ‘oldies’ many of whom have never sung before…..great fun!

Now working on a rather long autobiography….just for the record, and visiting as much of the world as the bank account will allow……..

4 thoughts on “About

  1. You’ve got me worried now! I suppose when I was a young Irishman, with a cheeky glint in my eye, I could have been called a pixie. But at my age, with my beard, probably ‘gnome’ might describe me better!

    An Episcopal gnome…..it rolls off the tongue very well!

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