Back across the Pond…..Day 12


Unhappy in Heathrow, and home….

I have posted before on the problems of having a wife who has a serious addiction problem. Well, it’s not serious but she has had this need for many years. So when she spotted the availability in Boston Logan Airport, she had to have it, whatever the cost. I refer, of course, to cinnamon-flavoured maple syrup, and it was purchased in the area after security and was put in a labelled bag, so joy was in the air as we boarded for our overnight flight to Heathrow. We slept reasonably well but were still mentally in the middle of the night when we put our watches five hours forward on arrival.

Arriving at any airport in the best frame of mind is not a bundle of fun, but after a numbers of hours in a totally-alien environment, and suddenly being herded like cattle is not a great welcome. To cut a long story short, the aforementioned purchase was scanned through the x-ray, removed from the bag in which it was packed by the shop, and Lady was told that since it had not been packed ‘properly’ that it could not be allowed into the country, and it would be confiscated and destroyed!

Quite unbelievable! It could only have been bought in the shop, and we had the receipt, US security was happy, but for some reason, a cantankerous (lady) officer had decided to have a go at a couple of tired old people. In retrospect we should have asked for a receipt, but you do not think clearly at 6am….after a few hours of sleep. Then they went through our hand- luggage with a fine tooth comb, with the result that most of my stuff ended on the floor and my passport was temporarily mislaid.

So we got to our next departure pier for our journey to Glasgow. The four legs of our total holiday had been  booked through British Airways, so that we could enjoy the good service and leg-room. However this leg was handled by some company called Jet-Time in a rather tatty plane with a not very-exciting snack, and cockpit staff speaking in a thick foreign accent which I could not understand. So I was not a happy bunny. I made my feelings clear in the after-flight e-mail request we received from a marketing company, on behalf of BA)but no response from the airline has been received to date.

The Hudson News shop at Logan Airport accepted our story and graciously have sent us US currency to the value of the syrup…so we will now have to go back to there to get some more syrup! As to the payment for the non-booked first night in Canada, we are still awaiting resolution with the Travel Agent which we have used over many years. All a bit of a disappointing end to what had otherwise been a great adventure.

Would we go back to that part of Canada again….definitely…lovely scenery, lovely people. Would we go through Heathrow……definitely NO……especially now that a third runway is to be built!








3 thoughts on “Back across the Pond…..Day 12

  1. Ugh! How awful for you and your wife!! I’d’ve happy to send some syrup from Maine if you’d like. There is NO shortage of it here!!

  2. Hi, back. We had a wonderful time from cruising from Montreal, Quebec, PE!, Sydney, Halifax and Boston….so it was a pity about Heathrow. Wife adores Cinnamon in any food, as sprays, cereals scented candles, etc so it was the perfect addition, syrup with cinnamon. We have hunted unsuccessfully over here with no luck. The company sent us a crisp 20 dollar bill as recompense, so if it can be exchanged in any way for said eating delicacy, she will be very happy. However I think postage costs preclude transatlantic transport . She wants to go back over next year, so could hunt for it then. By the way, where do you live? We found the whole area very beautiful, and clean and the people very helpful and laid back. So we may be over again next year to celebrate our Golden Wedding……makes us sound VERY old!

    • We live in Portland, Maine! If you return next year you should definitely visit more of New England and so much of Maine is gorgeous – and it’s huge! Lots to see and lots of syrup!

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