Feeling a little guilty….

I got a little note from WordPress today to say that I have been with them some eight years.

It encouraged me to look over a number of the early ones, and the replies they received. Some of my contacts from those days are still in touch through Facebook and Twitter, whilst others do not seem to be about.

It was then that I felt guilty about what had happened over those years. Early on I was contributing at least one decently-long ‘_thinking’ blog per day. Then when Facebook came along, it was easier to write a few sentences, and my blogging declined till I was doing about one or two a month.

My introduction to Twitter was quite a bit behind the rest of the population,  but I noticed that many of my politically-aware friends were using it in a fast-moving situation, and with the limitations imposed, it was not designed for history. So I adopted it, which meant that blogging and even Facebook contributions decreased even further.

So, sorry, WordPress, I regret not contributing so much recently, I hope to renew the acquaintance of my some of my old friends.

To my FB or Tweeting friends, can I recommend that you try blogging; it really is worth the effort!

4 thoughts on “Feeling a little guilty….

  1. I think it’s best we do what works for us… and absolutely no reason for feeling guilty over not communicating to any but the closest to us. I never got to facebook, or twitter. We only have so much time to enjoy in this world… best to really enjoy it. Nice to hear from you all the same.

    • Don’t feel guilty Harry! Rejoice in the connection you’ve kept w all of your cyber friends! Whether through FB, Twitter, or the blog, that’s really the important thing. The blog should be for you, fundamentally, so no guilt allowed. :))

      • OK……but like your diary, it is often a bit of a pain, and ideas for blogs don’t often come easily. I feel that it keeps rhe mind active, also, it is lovely looking back to blogs I did years ago.

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