I’m still young, honest!

I can’t really believe that our younger child is almost 40. In my mind it seems relatively recently that a fair-haired young lad would join his older sister to affect our lives so much. Both grew up in different ways to be excellent adults of whom any parent would be proud so no problems there.

However, there is a parallel, in that wife and I had a joint 40th when we reached that age, in our house, and we can still remember it well! There are also many photos from that time to remind us how we have changed.

And yet, and yet, I still feel young, even with increasing  bodily decrepitude, at least until I look in the mirror! The other strange thing is that I used to look upon older people as founts of wisdom. I now realise that we may have more information stored than  we had 20  or 30 years ago but we do not always have more wisdom.

We obviously wish him well for the future , and hope that he and his contemporaries have as great a life as  my wife and I have had. The party will hopefully be as good as the one we had. But I think I will resist the temptation to compare the photos with those taken when his Mum and I were his age.!

One thought on “I’m still young, honest!

  1. Your description of the situation sounds pretty good. And it’s wonderful when we can say that we’re satisfied with the way the children turned out… especially at that age. I think that was more important for me than the way I had weathered the many storms of life. As for wisdom… I don’t think it’s so much a matter of age, but the ability to integrate the many things we learned into a general consciousness of what life is all about, and what matters in life. Nice post, Harry.

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