Sleeping in someone else’s bed….

Now that we are retired, we are more able to travel about and catch-up with all the friends and relations we have been neglecting over the years. Many of these are at some distance, and most of those require an overnight stay.

Since many of the friends who fall into this category are of similar ages to ourselves, they also have houses from whence their offspring have flown. This then brings the inevitable…..’You must stay with us, as there’s a free bedroom’.

Kind and well-meant as this is, we generally refuse, and have to explain our reluctance to take up the offer. Unfortunately, having had a bad back for many decades, and unsuccessful intervention by successive physiotherapists, I demand a lot from pillows and mattress for a successful night’s sleep. If this is not forthcoming then I tend to wander off downstairs and sit at the television, tuned to BBC News and promptly fall asleep. You can’t very well do that in the house of even the best-known friend or relation!  The Other Half, on the other hand presents with no such problems and can fall asleep and stay so, for many hours!

Staying in a nice Guest House or B & B allows me the opportunity to move about and even switch on our TV quietly and get some rest. We can also indulge in a long soak or shower without holding up other members of the househol. But probably best of all I can ask for a Full English Breakfast with unlimited toast and coffee.

So if any friends or relations are out there reading this, I hope you will understand.

One thought on “Sleeping in someone else’s bed….

  1. I am sure friends and relatives would certainly understand but what you will find now is that when they offer the room they will quickly add, “There are extra pillows on the wardrobe and a little telly on the dressing table… haha. We are the same but ours is slightly different reasons to yours.. I am coeliac (or celiac as its now known.. americanized!) and I need to be very careful of what I eat and if I eat the wrong thing I need a private ladies room… lol The joys of getting older… 🙂 Happy retirement Harry to you and the lady of the house. x

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