The luck of life

It’s been some time since I have attempted to amuse/entertain/inform/persuade/cajole fellow-bloggers with a posting here. I left you in the middle of Alaska when we were on a marvellous cruise trip from and to Vancouver. It was great and we arrived back home to get on with our semi-retirement, and to sort out the hours of video and hundreds of photos to recount the happy times.

………..and suddenly the BBC brought us news and photos of a liner beached just off Tuscany (a favourite spot of ours) and the loss of life, injury and terror involved. Whatever happened or caused it to happen may eventually be explained but things for those people involved will never be the same again.

How many times have we gone down a road where there had been a recent fatality, got on a plane after one of the same types had just crashed, or feared to get on a Pendolino train knowing what happened recently on the Edinburgh/London express?

I know that statistically travel is safer than it has ever been, and vast numbers of people traverse the roads, sea and sky of this earth of ours in perfect safety, but let us remember in our hearts those who set out on a journey and never arrived.

4 thoughts on “The luck of life

  1. I’ve been thinking these very same thoughts. How can you not, once you’ve been aboard a ship? My prayers go to those grieving.

    PS: Happy New Year! So nice to see you back.

  2. Happy New Year to you also!….sorry about being away, but closing up a business after 27 yrs and entering retirement actually takes a lot of work. Son is still not right after his cancer traetment, so we are taking him and his fiancee for a week in lanzarote for the sun. I will still have butterflies as the plane accelerates up the runway!

  3. Glad you made it home safely, and look forward to hearing some of your thoughts in retrospect, about the trip and what you saw, and of course… seeing more of the beautiful pictures from your adventure.

  4. Thanks ShimonZ…..not completing the holiday blogs was probably because I was immediately absorbed into work immediately on return, without time to feel the benefit of all the new experiences. Now that we are ‘more retired’ I want to try to just ‘sit back and enjoy’ holidays again when we return from them.

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