…almost there!

After many years of suggesting, a year of cajoling, and quite a few months in the planning, Lady of the House has got us booked on a trip to Canada. We have travelled life together for over forty years, and are now about to embark on some rather long physical journeys together.

The west coast is our destination, with Banff, Calgary, Jasper, Kamloops, and Vancouver all to be visited and stayed-in,  and arrived-at by coach or train.  After all this bottom-numbing travelling, and packing/unpacking, it will be lovely to embark at Vancouver on our week-long Alaskan Cruise on the Holland Volendam ship.

The trouble with visiting such a vast country (10 million square kilometers!)   is that we can only see a small (but no doubt, beautiful) part of it. This will leave the Good Lady (and perhaps, even me) wanting to see more, so any Canadian Dollars remaining may well be preserved for later use!

What to pack or leave out from the limited weight allowance will no doubt vary from day to day as the final hours approach, but with her great expertise of these occasions, no doubt Lady will win with her common-sense approach. If we had only had the first week of travelling, then loose/casual would have been the order of the day, but to have our stately cruise with lady’s birthday happening whilst there , means that I have to be prepared to make a sartorial effort!

I get bored whilst sitting in a metal tube, many miles above terre firma, so crosswords/sudoku/light reading/film-viewing/snoozing/eating will need to be used to fill-in the hours. However, what I have read in the travel guides, and seen on Google Street about our various destinations lead me to believe that there are many wonderful experiences and sights to be witnessed on this ‘semi-retired’ treat to ourselves. ….bring it on!

And just think, there must be couples in Canada looking forward to coming to Scotland with the same anticipation!

4 thoughts on “…almost there!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! What a marvelous trip it’ll be! Don’t forget some rain gear and a CAMERA – most importantly. Can’t wait to hear all about it. And a very happy birthday (to be) to your lovely wife!

  2. Thanks DD….having lived in Scotland for most of my life, I think i may have acquired a waterproof skin, but yes, all eventualities have been taken into consideration! Funny how all the videos and promotional material always show sun and happy people!

    However, come rain or shine we will have the photos to prove it. Might even try to put some video on U-Tube!

    ….now back to the packing!

  3. Best wishes for a great trip. If we take a walk… if we go a hundred miles… or if we go half way around the world… there is always much more than we can see. We see little bits of what is there… enjoy them.

  4. Shimon…in some ways, that is what is so sad about life…we can only see a small part of the whole picture and will always wonder about the parts we will never see.

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