Semi-retired?…not really!

Three months into our semi-retirement and we seem to be as busy as ever we were before we retired! We do have a little more freedom, but this is partly off-set by the fact that people who would have come along to the office, now phone, and I have to go out to see them….which is more time- and petrol- consuming.

We are gradually discarding the information files we have held-onto for years (for no apparent reason!); out-dated leaflets and posters; spare parts, instruction leaflets, and ink-cartridges for long-discarded printers and computers; power supply cables; non-working pens, rubbers galore; programme discs for ancient computer programmes. For some reason we didn’t dump them all at the time of the move, but simply piled them into boxes ‘to be sorted-out later’.

Sanity is starting to return to the household as we get used to working in the confined space available now, compared to the luxury of space we had before. We thought that the business would die naturally quite quickly, but our loyal customers and patients (some of whom we have know since the late 1980s), are quite tenacious, and are still seeking help in their 80’s and 90’s.

The best thing still is that we don’t need to be up and out for after 8 in the morning. The one downside is that we are now attending more funerals than ever before!

….but we can’t do anything about that!

7 thoughts on “Semi-retired?…not really!

  1. Well if there’s some small consolation, the workload will peter out as the funerals rise (sorry, not funny) — Always refreshing to have a clean out. If there’s anything worth keeping you can always look into donating it to a charity? That way they’ll benefit – and so will you (more space!) 🙂

    • DD…you’re right of course! have given away a fantastic amount of our stock to various charities, and will be a bit embarassed if it is still lying on their shelves in a year!

      It is indeed a bit early to be expecting life to change dramatically, but I will report again later.

  2. I don’t regret giving up working full time and have since found that although my life is still busy I enjoy it more especially as I generally don’t have to clock watch most days.

  3. You did the right thing! Semi-retirement, especially when you have a business, is not a good idea….still the same amount of paperwork for a fraction of the income!

  4. What a fascinating way to retire and reorganise your active lives.

    I was speaking to a nurse who recently retired; she’s at the point of not being able to decide if she likes retirement. There were one or two other activities in her life but, as yet no real direction, something I am sure she seeks, as many of us do.

    As you say, funerals increase, with it, of course, your client base will be a less demanding one.

    • Menhir, Now 5 months gone and busy in the house doing the jobs which should have been done many yaers ago. i can’t say i have no direction in my life as my dear wife keeps driving me to do more things!….life is getting a little quieter….but for how long?

  5. semi-retirement seems like a good idea,gives you more time for yourself and your spouse. I still have a long way there but my parents are retired and they may have put aside their old day job but they do sure keep themselves very busy. I’m actually the one telling them to slow down. My dad just started raising catfish in our backyard.I’m jealous of the fun his having! great post/blog.

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