A strange feeling!

So, just after our 43rd Wedding Anniversary,Young Lady of the House, and I are officially moving into semi-retirement. Last Friday,  we closed the shop where we have provided a local service for the last 13 years. There were other places before that, since 1984, but this had been the first one where we to be exposed to the ‘walk-in’ general public.

We’re not retiring, just moving back to our house, and providing a peripatetic service….(if you don’t know what it means…shame on you!). This meant that we had to sort out all the ‘stuff’ we had gathered in our offices over all the years, as well as records which we felt we just ‘had to keep’. This had to be compressed into one room, while still having everything available for instant access, as the phone calls and faxes are still coming-in.

Unfortunately the e-mails are not…..aaaaaarrrrgggghhh!

Our computer specialist has been in this evening and has found our lovely computer to be full of errors….so will have it tomorrow to clean it out and reload.

It’s not all doom and gloom, however, as we don’t HAVE to be up early in the morning, we don’t have to be available immediately to all and sundry who want me to do things they should be doing themselves, we don’t have the cost of insurance, heating, lighting, advertising, unwanted phone selling etc. We will still be able to provide the vast majority of the service we have provided recently but in a more relaxed way. I will still have to go out to my patients, some at a distance, but I can fit it into a day-trip with the Young Lady of the House, to some of the lovely parts of Scotland.

……..we’re really looking forward to all that…..once we can get the 15 boxes of stuff cleared and put away somewhere, where we can find them again!


5 thoughts on “A strange feeling!

  1. Congratulations to you both! My husband & I dream of the day when we can both be at home together, putzing around, working on the house.. and the kids should be out of here by then, too!! WOOT!

  2. Dear Pisky… as a retired old man, I can assure you that it is much better than usually seen from the outside. It’s a new chapter, and I’ve loved it. I’ve found many advantages to the new freedom, and life has been very kind to me. I wish you the same freedom and pleasures that I’ve enjoyed.

  3. Dear folk…..we are lucky as my wife has always been in the business so we have been working together for the last 26 years . ….It either brings you together or splits you apart….so it’s not too difficult for us.

    We have many wonderful old patients and will continue to look after them as long as I keep registered and they want to see me. I will report as to how we are getting-on as time goes by.

    But like Shimon says in his blog, it is sometimes just nice to sit with a cup of tea and watch the younger ones.

  4. Congratualions on your anniversary! I’m sure that you’ll enjoy your semi-retirement, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself as busy as ever and wondering just where the time went!

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