…and the world held its breath!

Can there have been anyone who was not spell-bound on Wednesday night as we watched the successful release of the Chilean miners from their tomb, half a mile underground?

…..from what seemed like disaster to the families with the loss of so many lives, to the knowledge that they were at least alive, but trapped;

….from the possibility that they might be able to be rescued, to the insurmountable problems of getting to them;

….from the technical problems which lay ahead, to the realisation that they might be overcome;

….from the anxious few hundred people on a Chilean hillside, to the hearts of a worldwide audience;

….from the trivia of much of our ‘News’, to the gripping, nail-biting real-life story  of the survival of a small number of human beings;

….from the dark hole of a mine, to the brilliant pictures telling us what was happening deep in the earth;

….from the first tentative thoughts that perhaps might be going too well, to the knowledge that all had worked;

We all travelled far over those days, but none moreso than the miners themselves, their family and friends.

Let’s hope that society also moved along a little, and that the success achieved may show the better side of man’s nature, that saving lives must be better than killing.

3 thoughts on “…and the world held its breath!

  1. In the shower yesterday morning (not a pretty sight!) I realised that the cage in which they came to the surface was smaller than that!

    And weren’t they so calm, waiting for their turn!

  2. we get so used to routine, to the luxuries we live with, that it’s good to be reminded now and then, that there are other possibilities… and we never know when such a test might confront us.

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