How do they do it?

The other morning we awoke to one of those very-misty mornings which is a harbinger of a lovely cloudless sunny day…as it turned-out to be.

However, it is also one of the times when you get a tremendous view of the numerous spiders webs over hedges and plants. Outside our front door we have a bush about six feet from the house wall, and to my surprise there was a single web joining the two, at a height of about four feet!

Then in the runway there was another one, this time over eight feet in length, joining the house wall and the aerial on the roof of my car.

 The two photos just don’t do them justice ….click on them twice to enlarge, and marvel at the lovely bit of nature’s engineering……… but how do they do it?


8 thoughts on “How do they do it?

  1. This summer we had some marvelous spider webs on the yew bushes to the side of our house. Each morning I would look out to see whether they was another — at one point I believe all of the bushes had one. Each was about the size of a dinner plate, but super sturdy and thick. They almost looked like cocoons.. When I trimmed those bushes, I made sure to watch my arms!

  2. They are beautiful, I would agree, and i can see how they go round and round making the web….but how do they make the very long threads?

    I wonder is there some competition between them…maybe a ‘Spider-Olympics’?

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