It’s a right pain!

Someone to whom we are very close has just come through many months of pain, medical tests, worry, taking of much blood, indecision by medics, and three intensive courses of chemo-therapy. This was then followed by a major operation! All this has been borne with fortitude with only the very occasional (and perfectly-understandable) complaint.

We have known this person for decades, and thought we knew them well, but the last few years have shown them in a sharper  light. Courageous, tolerant about the condition, brave, accepting of the treatment, helpful to others in the same situation and optimistic, all come out high-up in the list of descriptors which would apply.

No-one in their right mind would say that we should all have a dose of bad health, or bad luck, so that some alter ego could shine through ….because I think in a lot of situations it just would not work out that way! Many would become bitter, blame themselves or others, give up hope, and become introverted.

As we encounter the cutbacks in government and local services, with unemployment rising in both wealthy and deprived areas, it is going to require an immense amount of positive, courageous and original thinking from everyone in our society if we are to see through the tunnel towards the light. In fact, not unlike what this relatively-young person has had to imagine, meet head-on and now look forward to…….. a better future.

So is your glass half-full, or half-empty?

3 thoughts on “It’s a right pain!

  1. A thoughtful, and relevant, post in view of the effects that the cutbacks will inevitiably bring about.
    I admire people like this and annoyed by others who are just the opposite.

  2. How true it is that a difficult test such as the one you describe, helps us get to know a person in depth. it also gives us a different perspective regarding what is important in life. But I have the feeling that life is full of tests; ups and downs without end… and an important part of it all, is to learn to keep living through the hard time too; and not to just wait for things to get better. thank you for the post.

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