Dens, dentis…


Do you remember when you were a child, how you were told to brush your teeth for a minimum of two minutes…well, I can admit  now, I never did! But yesterday was different!

Anno Domini has taken its toll on some of my gnashers and about a year ago I was forced to admit partial defeat. If I was to continue eating, I needed some more area of contact between the top and bottom halves of said gnashers (a different way to say that I needed a partial upper plate).

Obtained and fitted, they have prevented me scaring away children by showing my gaps and looking like a latter-day Frankenstein (at least I think so!)

A small industry has grown up around the preservation of same dentures with specially-shaped toothbrushes, cleansing tablets and denture boxes….but that’s another story.

….anyway, sometimes I am happy without them and they will be removed for comfort in the safety of the house. They may even be set somewhere safe while our main meal is being eaten.

Therein lies the problem! If the place is sufficiently secure for no-one else to see them, then it can apply to me as well and we may be parted for a short period while I research the recesses of my mind to recall where they might be! This happened the other days and I looked around frantically to recover them before Lady of the House discovered I was hiding a toothy grin.

She was in the middle of emptying the washing machine, and heard a clinking sound. Now this would normally involve calling me over to discover the problem and provide a remedy for an obvious malfunction.

However this time, no great action was required by me, except explaining how my partial denture happened to be rolling-about in the drum of the washing machine!  The only explanation can be that the ‘safe place’ on this occasion had been the breast pocket of a shirt which had then been discarded for washing….quite disgusted isn’t it?

No harm has been caused to the shirt or the teeth, in the writing of this post, and both are sparkling clean!

P.S. If you do not regognise the meaning of the title of the post, go and look up your Latin grammar book….you know every household should have one!

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