Irishpisky’s on Television!

Yes, it’s official, I shall be on television for the next three Sundays….well perhaps you might catch some brief glimpses of me!

The next few editions of Songs of Praise, hosted by Sally Magnusson,  involve the beautiful west if Scotland, and some of the singing comes from my own Church, St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Glasgow.  Recording was done over two evenings; the first to do the sound recording and the second to superimpose the camera work with the previously-recorded music….quite tricky, I should imagine!

So on Sunday, at 5pm, watch out for a tall, grey-haired bloke with glasses and a beard near the back of the cathedral, singing lustily with an Irish accent. If I am able to record it and put a bit into the blog, I shall do so.

6 thoughts on “Irishpisky’s on Television!

  1. Hi, Flighty…I’m recording it in case the view is only a few micro-seconds long, and I can then slow it down and view it all in slow motion! What we really want from you is an appearance in Gardeners’ Question Time….on the panel of course!

  2. Do you sing with and Irish Accent? Depending what area of Ireland someone is from, they can sound much like people in other parts of Scotland, other that is, to where you are.


  3. Have just watched the first installment, and yes, you could see me in the back row. If you had any decent magnifier you could have made me out, but I don’t think a print-out would have been acceptable as a passport photo!

    But just wait till next week’s exciting installment!

  4. Menhir….when in Ireland I sing as the Irish do, but when in Scotland, the 48 years I have been here have a somewhat larger influence.

    But you are right, if you go to Dounreay in the far north east of Scotland, it sounds pure Irish. If you then come down to the coastal villages such as Fraserburgh, there is a distinct Viking or Germanic twang to the local’s speech.

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