So the bomb that changed the world was dropped 65 years ago. I was but a babe in arms then but I’m sure our parents heard about it with both fear and relief. Relief that it might settle the war, but fear as to what power we were now able to unleash on each other, on this crowded and very fragile world.

Now the world is even more crowded and fragile, and we still find new ways of destroying our environment, our fellow-human beings, and our future.

Hiroshima wasn’t a turning point; sure it brought to a temporary ending a world war, but it didn’t take long before countless other more local wars took their place in the history of mankind.

So let’s not just remember those who died on that fateful day in a previously-unknown city, but those innocent bystanders of all nations who have lost that most precious gift…a right to life.

Remember it is governments who not only lead us to war, but send out young men and women to do the dirty work of war on their behalf, whilst they stay at home and justify the war.

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