What do you expect?

It’s the west of Scotland, it’s the middle of July,  it’s the start of the Glasgow Fair fortnight, and Lady of the House and I are going for a few days, to Strachur in Argyll, which is arguably one of the loveliest bits of Scotland…….. but it’s raining, and you can’t see the hills! So get out the wellies and umbrellas!

However, it may produce some startling pictures, perhaps including a rainbow….so here’s hoping!

2 thoughts on “What do you expect?

  1. I sat in the car at traffic lights before 9am yesterday, and asked myself, (probably out loud) what month is this? It was St Swithun’s day, (rain for 40 days and nights, then) the colour of the sky was yellowish, like you’d get in late October sometimes. Temperatures aren’t worth talking about, are they.

    I risked putting out the washing at 17.30 tonight, the wind power should do a reasonable job and save on the electricity bill. I’d better get it in now(21.20hrs).

    Have a good holiday!

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