All clear…well not just yet!


Today, the Lady of the House was given the all clear that the macular hole in the retina of one of her eyes had been repaired successfully and that within about another three months she should have near-perfect sight again. This news was gratefully received, especially because some six years ago, two operations had failed on the other eye, and she now has no central vision there.

The operation was complex, and she had had it under local anaesthetic! Her only comment to the surgeon at the time was that they were not to talk of football whilst operating, as she had heard every word spoken the last time!

The joy that flooded her this morning was fully justified, as she has not been able to read, do sudoku, solve crosswords, type, drive, or carry out any job which required precision movements or views of something up-close.

So her life has been brought back from the brink, and for this we have to thank the learning, skill, dedication, and patience of a group of specialists. So for all the complaints we hear about the NHS, we have to acknowledge a large debt of gratitude to these people.

Be grateful that in this country, and the Western world in general, miracles still happen, and lives renewed. The same surgeon has a charity which saves sight in Ethiopia and a large cheque will be winging its way to help those less fortunate than have their sight improved.

9 thoughts on “All clear…well not just yet!

  1. That’s good news!
    My complaints against the NHS are thankfully very rarely towards doctors and nurses but the too many administrators that it has and the waste that happens within it.
    Until it got taken over by, or rather combined with, the RNIB I was a longtime supporter of the National Library for the Blind.

  2. Thanks for the contact chris….The first hole, in the other eye had been missed on routine optician visits and since the operation is very time-sensitive, was too far-developed.

    This other eye was caught quickly and so the prognosis was better from the beginning. The result was as expected but never sure until the final examination……So if you ever see broken lines in your vision, get to the Hospital immediately.

    But Praise Be! life has become more normal again!

  3. This is a fascinating post. It is more pertinent for me because, I too, have had an eye op under general anaesthetic, but not the kind your wife has had.

    You are right about the research and skills that have lead to the successful outcome your wife has experience with her eye procedure. Where I live, it is difficult to seek out specific expertise quickly and locally. I am very pleased your wife has been given stable sight in the one eye. Eyesight is a precious thing.

    • I live in a remote area where services of all sorts are limited. I am prepared to travel some of the distances in the UK that are necessary to obtain what might be needed. However, retinal and macular difficulties are not likely to get the urgent attention they need because of the lack of services needed for this specialised area. Referrals to elsewhere, can be slow.

      As you rightly say, we are currently fortunate to be able to seek out services in the national health forum, for the price of our thanks.

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